Amber Asaly Slays In Colorful Bikini During Kylie Jenner’s Girl Trip To Turks And Caicos

Amber Asaly poses at a promotional event.
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for SECNDNTURE

Amber Asaly is showing that Kylie Jenner’s not the only one shining during her girl squad trip to Turks and Caicos.

The reality television star turned makeup mogul brought her group of friend to the tropical getaway to celebrate the launch of her Kylie Skin Summer Body collection. The group has been taking in the sun, posing in some very skimpy bikinis, and sharing posts promoting the new line of cosmetics from the billionaire 21-year-old. The trip has been the talk of the celebrity news world, with many glued to Kylie’s Instagram feed to see what racy snap she might share next.

While much of the attention has been on Kylie Jenner and her revealing (and sometimes totally nude) Instagram photos, pal Amber Asaly is showing that Kylie isn’t the only one who can slay in a tiny bikini. Amber took to Instagram to share a picture of herself rocking a colorful bikini as she lounged on the beach. The picture got some viral attention and some praise from the other members of Kylie’s squad.

“Love that face,” wrote Sofia Richie.

“Yes Amber,” Kylie replied.

While Amber Asaly may only have a fraction of Kylie’s Instagram followers — she has about 220,000 compared to the more than 140 million that Kylie has — she has still been able to garner some viral attention with her posts of the trip. Amber has shared some shots of herself and the other girls on the trip, including one of Kylie rocking a light blue bikini as the girls took a trip on a boat.

Refinery29 even gave some attention to Amber during the trip in a post running down all the members of Kylie’s squad. The report noted that Amber is the “designated photographer” of the group, as her Instagram page shows she’s got plenty of experience in that area. Her feed is a mix of photos showing off her amazing physique in skimpy swimwear and some more artistic shots of Amber and her friends.

The report noted that Amber is more than just an Instagram influencer who shares racy pictures of herself. Amber is also a host for GaloreTV, “where she can be found asking strangers on the street-tough questions like whether Kim Kardashian’s a feminist and which Jonas brother they’d most like to bone.”

Those who want to see more highlights from Kylie Jenner’s girl trip to Turks and Caicos can check out “designated photographer” Amber Asaly’s Instagram page.