Elsa Hosk Flaunts Legs In Short Shorts On Lebanese Vacation

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk has been living large on a Lebanese vacation lately. She shared quite a few shots on Instagram during her time in Beirut, with looks including casual day dresses and a low-cut sparkling black evening dress. Now, it seems that she’s moved from Beirut to Byblos, and is still enjoying her Lebanese adventure.

Hosk recently shared two pictures of herself near what looks like a scenic harbour filled with small boats. She’s traded in her glam gowns in favour of an outfit that seems perfect for exploring Byblos. Hosk is rocking a cheeky hat to protect her delicate skin from the sun, a graphic tee, some flat red sandals that are perfect for walking, and a pair of boldly patterned short shorts that show off her long legs.

In the second photo, she gives her followers another view of the outfit from a different angle — and a big smile, showing how much she’s enjoying her time abroad. As a model, Hosk is accustomed to travelling all around the world for photoshoots, but this particular adventure seems like it comes with a little extra time for sightseeing and just being a regular tourist.

However, any photo she takes always looks like it could grace the pages of a magazine because of her sheer beauty and photogenic nature.

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While Hosk is an absolute pro at posing in lingerie and other skimpy attire, she admitted to Porter in an interview last year that she doesn’t feel that look truly represents who she is.

“Sometimes I see myself in photos, and the image is so different from who I really am. People always put me in things that are super-sexy and very stylized. In my head, I’m so not sexy at all. I’m goofy and totally normal. It’s a character that I get into. And then, in my real life, I become sort of anti-that.”

Hosk has definitely perfected the effortless model-off-duty look, and rocks all kinds of intriguing outfits when she’s just dressing for herself rather than for the camera.

Fans who know a bit more about Hosk’s background will understand her tendency to wear clothing that’s a bit more comfortable when she’s not working. Before she was strutting her stuff on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway, as Fashionista reports, she actually played basketball professionally in her native country, Sweden.

She decided to get back into modelling after realizing she wanted a different kind of schedule.

“It [basketball] took up a lot of time, it got really serious and [I realized] I wanted to explore the world and meet people and not be tied down.”