Jordyn Woods' Swimsuit Cleavage Launches 'Toxic Relationship' Debate

The comments section to Jordyn Woods' Instagram is never dull. The 21-year-old made major headlines in February for her cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson, and that in itself seemed to put Jordyn's friendship with Kylie Jenner into question.

On May 20, Jordyn updated her Instagram. Two snaps showed the model in a tiny floral-print swimsuit with a cleavage-flaunting neckline. The SECNDNTURE founder looked happy, healthy, and at peace. Instagram has yet to make its peace, though. Fans have taken to the comments section with full force, and they seem to have it in for Kylie.

One fan left a comment hinting at the former best friend status between Woods and Jenner.

"That post toxic relationship glow"
The comment launched over 20 replies.

"@mariamariaxx1 but she was the toxic one in the relationship Kylie ain't home wreck herself," was one response.

A separate comment likewise mentioned toxicity.

"Nothing like losing a toxic relationship with a white woman. THAT is a glow up."
Not all users seemed convinced, though. One queried whether Kylie and Jordyn's friendship was toxic.

Jordyn has made major headlines in the past days – precisely for appearing to move on from her friendship with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. Yesterday, The Daily Mail reported Kylie "[ordering]" Jordyn to collect the rest of her belongings. Jordyn lived in Kylie's guest house up until February when The Independent reported Woods was moving out.

Kylie and Jordyn have not been spotted together since the scandal. Their friendship formed one of the most high-profile duos on social media. Their joint Instagram presence dates back to 2013. With Jordyn as one of the few celebrities photographed with Kylie's daughter, Stormi, this friendship seemed particularly close. Kylie and Jordyn collaborated together in a Kylie Cosmetics venture. The launch was toasted by Khloe on Keeping Up With The Kardashians last year. Little, if anything, seemed toxic about these two girls, their travels, and their seemingly unbreakable bond.Instagram appears to have other thoughts, though. The "post toxic relationship glow" comment received over 200 likes.

"haha so true," one user replied.

"Yep" was another response.

Despite global scrutiny, Jordyn appears to have weathered the storm. While her name remains associated with former couple Khloe and Tristan, this entrepreneur is coming into her own. May 23 will bring Jordyn's new SECNDNTURE collection. The athleisurewear line has mostly received positive feedback, and it isn't Jordyn's only venture. The model also has a lash line.

Jordyn has 9.8 million Instagram followers. Given today's comments, it would appear that Jordyn's fanbase has its opinions on whether or not the Jenner/Woods friendship was toxic.