Ring Girl Urszula Toczko Busts Out Of See-Through Swimsuit While Tugging At It

Urszula ToczkoInstagram

Ring girls have a way of racking up the Instagram followers. Urszula Toczko is the Polish sensation whose bombshell looks and athletic physique are getting noticed. On May 12, the self-nicknamed Ula updated her account.

Today’s picture doesn’t show Ula in the ring. A black background suggests that Ula has been on the set of a photo shoot. The direction appears to have been effective – something about the background’s simplicity makes this girl stand out. With a semi-sheer swimsuit in white, Ula flaunts her eye-popping cleavage, toned thighs, and the all-around tan that contrasts her platinum-blonde hair. She also throws out a touch of provocation by tugging at the swimsuit. The neckline couldn’t get much lower, but Ula appears confident as she pouts into the camera.

A caption in Polish points towards not comparing oneself to others. Given that Ula is alone and oozing confidence, she seems to be abiding by her own philosophies. A plethora of affirmative hashtags echo them. They include references to a “body machine,” “fit barbie,” and acknowledgments of her Polish heritage.

Comments to today’s post have already thrown Ula fire and heart emojis. One fan wrote:

“Every time I see you, so beautiful, lovely, sexy, and provocative eyes open for love, Just makes me wanting to go to your country to know you…… You’re simply a one of a kind woman!!”

High praise, indeed. Ula has 162,000 Instagram followers. Her simple bio states: “ONLY GOOD VIBES,” alongside announcing her “ring girl” status at Knockout Boxing Night. While American ring girls such as Brittney Palmer have previously been featured by The Inquisitr, Ula has not. Her European location largely shelters her from U.S. audiences, although her fanbase does appear international. The above fan comment came from an individual apparently based in Puerto Rico.

Despite her relatively low profile, Ula does appear to have been snapped up by brands outside of her native Poland. An update (seen above) suggested that Ula is part of Big Fit Nutrition’s “Angels Team.” The brand is U.K.-based. A quick glance through Toczko’s feed shows a girl who appears to take her fitness seriously. Workout videos show Ula’s defined muscles and dedication. Elsewhere, athleisurewear looks hint at the fitness lifestyle having infiltrated Ula’s wardrobe.

Poland-based as she may be, Ula does appear to have her eye on Hollywood. Her Instagram account follows Kylie Jenner and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Toczko also follows models Lele Pons, Sommer Ray, and Hannah Stocking.