Lyna Perez Busts Out Of Tiny Bra In 'Lara Croft' Instagram Update

Lara Croft appears alive and well. On May 5, the iconic video game and movie character was channeled by a lesser-known face. Lyna Perez may not be as famous as Angelina Jolie, but this Instagram model's latest update is making waves.

The picture shows Lyna in tiny white shorts and an equally tiny sports bra. The athleisurewear lingerie is bright red, in-your-face, and it's flaunting this girl's assets with full force. The Tommy Hilfiger bra likely forms the focal point for many of Lyna's fans, but there's a twist – Lyna has taken to her caption to refer to Lara Croft. With her hair in braids, there is, indeed a side to Perez that fits the mentioned "vibes." Lyna's caption directly asks her fans if they're feeling it.

One fan appeared to rank Lyna above Croft's existing faces – Alicia Vikander took over from Jolie for the gun-toting character in 2018, per her IMDB. They left their thoughts in the following comment.

"A hotter Lara Croft."
Whether the user was referring to Jolie, Vikander, or the character overall was not specified. Another fan missed out on the correct spelling, but the enthusiasm was all there, per their comment.
"Laura [sic] Croft cosplay when?"
Lyna personally replied to this. "@mattburns29 Omggosh I should! Who else agrees," she wrote.Other fans didn't seem so sure. "Idk about Lara Croft vibes," one wrote. Once again, Lyna obliged with a response. She asked "what vibes" she's throwing out.Today's movie-themed update appears to be an anomaly for Lyna. Her Instagram account largely seems dedicated to the bio words honoring it – Lyna "basically [lives] in a bikini," the bio states. With endless swimwear snaps, this is a girl who puts her money where her mouth is. That said, it would appear that Perez has perfected the balance of regular bikini posts and avoiding monotony. A recent braless snap (seen above) showed Lyna clothed. The signature cleavage and eye-popping under boob likely contributed to the post's popularity.
Lyna has 3.8 million Instagram followers. Her figure-flaunting outfits and risqué selfies are performing well – particularly given that the platform is overflowing with rising models doing similar. With Lyna, however, there's always an edge on the competition. Witty captions frequently see Lyna play on words. She took Coachella and made it into a "Hoechella" video. The above post been viewed over 600,000 times. Similarly witty captions are seen throughout Perez's feed.

Lyna's Instagram is followed by Cardi B. Fellow models Eriana Blanco and Sveta Bilyalova also follow Perez. Lyna herself follows Kylie Jenner, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, and Emily Ratajkowski.