Dog The Bounty Hunter & His Wife Beth Chapman Aided In The Search To Find Columbine-Obsessed Woman In Colorado

Christopher PolkGetty Images

If there’s one thing that Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, are good at — it’s finding people that don’t want to be found. Who better to call when a woman reportedly obsessed with the Columbine massacre was in need of capturing than the famous bounty-hunting couple Unfortunately, for Dog and Beth, this capture was personal.

According to The Blast, Dog and Beth’s son, Garry, was in Colorado during the scary ordeal and even attends one of the schools in the area that was placed on lockdown as a safety precaution. Dog and Beth flew from their home in Hawaii to assist law enforcement officials in the chase for the woman, Sol Pais, who was wanted for questioning after leaving her home in Miami to head to the state where the devastating Columbine massacre took place in 1999.

“Now it’s personal, they are in my neighborhood threatening my son, my family and my community. We need to find her,” Dog told The Blast.

Dog and Beth’s particular skill set was helpful to law enforcement officials, as they are well known for tracking and taking down bad guys who skip out on their bail. The duo shows off their abilities in their slew of reality series, the latest being Dog’s Most Wanted that will appear on WGN in the near future.

Dog spoke with a Denver radio station, The Fox, and gave a little insight on how they had planned to track Pais down. He shared that they knew she had flown in, rented a car, and stopped by a gun show in the Denver area to purchase a weapon, and Dog revealed that he was going to find someone to help track her down via the GPS in the rental car.

Dog further shared that he wasn’t convinced that the woman was 18-years-old as some reports had claimed. The radio station told Dog that Pais’ father had spoken out and said that he had no contact with his daughter since Sunday. Dog speculated that in the time since leaving Miami, she could have changed her appearance, possibly even shaving her head to avoid being found. Dog also said he would be reaching out to her dad.

The well-renowned bounty hunter also shared that he’s had a hand in catching over 8,000 fugitives in 40 years and pledged to get to the bottom of the situation, asking the radio station to be a go-between for the public and himself and Beth, who were both anxious to hit the ground running to find the woman.

Sol Pais was found deceased in her hotel room, reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, as The Blast further shared.