Why ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Went From Pants To A Not-So-Sexy Wedding Dress For Nuptials To Bryan Abasolo

Lou RoccoABC

Rachel Lindsay said yes to the dress, but it won’t be a sexy one. The Bachelorette star, who is set to marry fiancé Bryan Abasolo in a Caribbean wedding this August, told Page Six that when she hired designer Randi Rahm to craft the perfect wedding dress, she made it clear she was game for anything except a “sexy,” body-hugging gown.

Lindsay explained that when she starred on The Bachelorette, she loved wearing sexy dresses from Randi Rahm, but she knew for her wedding day, she wanted to go in a different direction and “did not want to go for sexy” by wearing anything too tight or revealing as she walks down the aisle.

“I’m a curvy girl. I didn’t want something that hugged my figure or to take away from me being a bride, where you’re focusing on the wrong thing.”

Lindsay originally wanted to wear a pantsuit to her wedding.

“I personally wouldn’t want to wear a dress,” Lindsay told USA Today shortly after her Bachelorette season ended in 2017. “I’d like to wear a white tuxedo.”

Indeed, Rahm told Page Six that when Rachel first met with her, The Bachelorette beauty immediately announced, “I’m wearing pants.”

The designer urged Rachel to try on some other things because “you can always wear pants.” Rachel Lindsay agreed that she can wear pants on any red carpet or at any event, so she changed her tune on the tuxedo.

Rachel Lindsay didn’t dish on any further details on her wedding dress, but she did tell Page Six it won’t be what anyone expects.

“When I put on the dress, it just spoke to me in a different way. I felt like it encompassed so much of my personality. I was getting a little bit of what Bryan wanted, but at the same time, staying true to myself. …I put this one on, [and] I can’t use any other word other than I melted. I felt so comfortable, so free, so like me, but beautiful at the same time.”

Rachel Lindsay’s wedding attire isn’t the only thing she changed her mind on when it comes to her nuptials to Bryan Abasolo. The Bachelorette star originally didn’t want a traditional, sparkly engagement ring and instead wanted just a stack of bands, but producers of the ABC reality show told her that resident Bachelorette jeweler Neil Lane would never go for that. Lindsay eventually picked a pear-shaped ring, which she now loves.

In addition, Lindsay, who will now tie the knot with Abasolo in the dead of summer, was originally set on having a winter wedding.

“I mean, I’m from Texas,” Lindsay said early on, according to Brides.com. “Obviously I want a winter wedding.”

A source told Page Six that when Lindsay was even spotted at a dinner meeting with Rahm in Manhattan last summer, the two women were overheard discussing “a winter wedding gown” and Randi showed The Bachelorette star some sketches that would show off her curves.

After a bit of back and forth, it sounds like Rachel Lindsay’s wedding is all coming together now.

The next season of The Bachelorette, starring Hannah Brown, premieres May 13 on ABC.