Attorney Michael Avenatti Offers New Details About R. Kelly Sex Tape Amid Singer’s Heated ‘CBS’ Interview

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R. Kelly’s explosive interview on CBS This Morning has garnered tons of reactions. While his loyal fans are still in his corner, many others believe this could be the beginning of the end for R. Kelly. To make matters worse, attorney Michael Avenatti is speaking out about R. Kelly yet again sharing more graphic details about the sex tapes at the center of the singer’s current investigation.

During an interview with Hot New Hip Hop, Michael Avenatti spoke candidly about the whole debacle, adding to the incriminating evidence against R. Kelly. The interview began with Avenatti explaining his stance. The famed attorney is reportedly representing two of R. Kelly’s alleged victims involved in the current case. To most people, it seems Michael Avenatti appeared out of thin air, but he revealed he’s actually been working with an alleged victim since April of last year. At that time, the unnamed woman contacted him seeking legal representation.

Avenatti went on to clarify something most fans probably didn’t know. The two whistleblowers involved in the case actually aren’t victims. They’re said to be people who were previously employed with R. Kelly.

When asked about the “alleged” sex tapes in question, Michael Avenatti made it clear that there isn’t anything “alleged” about the situation. According to the high-powered attorney, there’s no mistaking the fact that R. Kelly is the man featured on the sex tape. Avenatti also claims it’s relatively obvious that the girl involved is underage.

“There’s nothing alleged about it. There’s no question that he is engaged on both of these videotapes in sex acts with a 14-year-old girl.”

In response to the clarification about the sex tape, Michael Avenatti was asked if there were more details about the tape that hadn’t been disclosed. He offered more details about the ordeal. The attorney wasted no time offering extremely graphic details regarding what was filmed, describing it as “nothing short of depraved.” To read the attorney’s detailed response, click here.

Then, Avenatti was asked the one question many of R. Kelly’s fans have been dying to know: how did he recover the tapes? The attorney offered a relatively vague answer, revealing the first two tapes were “uncovered” and then “recovered.” He also revealed there is a third tape they are also working to recover.

“We uncovered and then recovered these two videotapes during the course of our investigation, which started in April. In February, we obtained the first tape and then the second tape followed. We are currently trying to recover a third tape, which we have become aware of.”

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Based on Michael Avenatti’s claims, he appears to be relatively confident about the case, which only raises speculation about the walls closing in on R. Kelly.