Kelly Gale Bares It All In New Instagram Post

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Kelly Gale left precious little to the imagination with a saucy selfie posted on Instagram.

The Swedish-Australian beauty took the sizzling snap just after she left the shower. She uses a white towel to cover up her torso, inadvertently drawing all eyes to her enviably lean legs and shapely derriere. Drops of hot water are running down on her narrow shoulders and on her thighs.

Wearing nothing but a high-cut, black panty, the model puts her lithe physique on full display. The picture was cropped just above the shins, inviting viewers to carefully observe her shapely knees, skinny thighs, and pert behind. By opting for full-on minimalism with the styling, Gale succeeds in putting her naturally stunning looks right at the focal point of attention. Her legs take up about half of the picture and could be easily stared at for days.

Gale wore some makeup: her eyebrows were emphasized with a touch of dark brown liner, whilst her sultry lips were accentuated with a generous amount of light purple matte lipstick. The black mascara smudged just the tiniest bit, adding some dramatic depth to the model’s chestnut brown eyes. Her forehead is shadowed by the cutest of baby hairs. This is an impromptu snap — the model is proudly displaying her un-made-up appearance — which makes it all the more intriguing. It’s no wonder it received 29,296 likes in less than 24 hours, leading a plethora of fans to respond with astounded, admiring, and downright smitten comments.

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Time for bed..sweet dreams????????

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In recent months, Gale has attracted significant media attention with her extremely strict diet regimen and with her dismissive comments on fast food consumption. In a recently published article by V, the model states that she doesn’t believe in the concept of “cheat days,” before adding that she all-together refrains from eating meals that have little nutritional value.

“I’ve never been a fan of the expression ‘cheat meals.’ It makes the meal seem ‘bad’ somehow, or like something you shouldn’t be having. I only eat foods that nourish my body, other foods I don’t even crave – but I do eat nourishing versions of the unhealthy stuff. Nice cream, which is ice cream made from bananas, chocolate that’s sweetened with coconut nectar, nut butters, popcorn etc. I just don’t believe that to be cheating, my body and soul needs it so there is no cheating.”

Whilst this is an aspirational line of thought that advocates healthy eating, some of her recent remarks were welcomed with much less enthusiasm. As E! News reports, in December, 2018, the model made a rather controversial statement by exercising outside of an In-N-Out burger joint in protest of unhealthy nutrition habits, while on another occasion, she decided to bring her own pear to the fast food restaurant. As Elle vouches, some ventured so far as to interpret these instances as fat-shaming, arguing that the model’s opinions are inconsiderate of those who struggle with obesity.