MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper Giving Padres A Chance To Match Phillies Offer Before Making Decision

The latest MLB rumors have Bryce Harper still in the running with both the San Diego Padres and the Philadelphia Phillies.

According to 12up, the MLB could find itself with a brand new super-team after rumors that Bryce Harper is giving the Padres an opportunity to match the deal that the Phillies have offered him. If the Padres can match the huge 10-year, $330 million deal that Philadelphia has laid out on the table, then the slugger could possibly join Manny Machado in San Diego.

The rumors about Harper's waiting game were first seen on Twitter when the Prime Time Sports account tweeted about Bryce's decision to see if the Padres could offer him the same money as the Phillies.

While the account isn't exactly in the same league with ESPN or Sports Illustrated, they did tweet about Manny Machado's deal before some of the best in the business reported it.

Meanwhile, the outlet reveals that the Phillies have tried hard to land Harper, offering him the most expensive contract in baseball. However, it's rumored that Bryce doesn't want to play in Philly, and is trying to avoid having to sign there altogether by letting the Padres know he's interested if they can get the money together to bring him to San Diego.

In addition, San Diego is much closer to Bryce Harper's hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, than Philadelphia is, and the MLB power hitter is said to be looking to stay as close to home as possible with his free agency decision.

Of course, if the Padres can't match the deal and Harper does sign with the Phillies, he may be starting off his time in Philadelphia with some bad blood between him and the front office, and possibly even the fans for allowing the Padres to match the offer, making Philly look like the consolation prize.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Phillies may be the only team in the MLB that can offer Harper a $300 million contract. His current team, the Washington Nationals, reportedly has "no plans" to try to give Bryce the money he desires. On the other hand, the Chicago White Sox reportedly are not looking to dish out $300 million, and the San Francisco Giants are reluctant to give Harper a long-term deal. That means he may have no other option but Philadelphia if the Padres don't match the Phillies' offer in the coming days.

Bryce Harper continues to let fans sweat it out as the MLB rumors about his free agency heat up with each passing day.