'Playboy' Cover Model Becky Hudson Bares Heavy Cleavage In After-Shower Pic For Monday Instagram Fans

Last month, Inquisitr reported on up-and-coming Instagram model Becky Hudson, who is closing in on her first 1 million followers after only about one year on the platform.

And while Hudson still has a steep hill to climb before she reaches the nearly 9 million followers commanded by Instagram star Abigail Ratchford, to whom Hudson is often compared, her latest posts over the past week show her making a strong push for renewed attention, posting a series of snaps that show her extreme curves in outfits, if they can be called "outfits," that stop just short of full exposure.

Hudson appeared on the cover of the South African edition of Playboy in the January 2018 issue, and though she did not appear nude in the revealing shots appearing in the magazine, she appears to be attempting to one-up her Playboy shoot on her own Instagram account — with the latest post appearing on Monday and seeming to be directed at fans who check her page first thing on Monday mornings.

"Who said Monday's have to suck?" Hudson wrote in the caption to her latest Instagram post. "Have a great week everyone."

Her fans responded with such comments as "Any day would be beautiful starting off by seeing you." And the more blunt, "Your bras must be as big as small hammocks."

But Hudson is accustomed to "X-rated" responses from fans, given the nature of her regular Instagram posts.

"There's always interesting people sending inappropriate photos of certain body parts," Hudson told Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "Let's not go there, it's very X-rated, but I've had a few stalkers come and go."

Nonetheless, Hudson considers herself a person with a positive outlook, adding, "I'm a very positive person so I never allow Instagram followers to write bad comments or anything negative. I have sometimes been tempted to meet some of my fans because they seem so nice. I've always loved the fact that they have supported me in my career."

While a perusal of her Instagram page may convey the impression that Hudson's daily life consists of little more than lounging around her house, wearing as little as possible while drinking her morning coffee and playing video games, she told NaLuda Magazine in an interview that her actual daily routine is more strenuous than the online fiction."My weeks are always different, and it's nice being able to plan my own schedule," she told NaLuda. "One week might be super crazy with shoots and meetings, then some downtime, but I am pretty much always working."