March 10, 2019
Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio Shows Off Her Skimpy Lingerie In Racy Instagram Pictures

Sara Sampaio is flaunting her famous physique in a racy new series of Instagram pictures to promote a new lingerie line, and fans are loving it.

The Victoria's Secret model took to the image-sharing site to post a series of pictures showing herself modeling the very racy lingerie. The pictures were a huge hit with her fans, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and many impressed commenters.

"Love this!!" one person wrote.

"Stunning," another commented.

The update comes as Sara Sampaio has seen some viral attention of the not-so-good kind. As the New York Post reported, her boyfriend was picked up this week by police for allegedly filing a false claim worth thousands of dollars with American Express. Thirty-eight-year-old Oliver Ripley, founder of the hotel and hospitality company Habitas, was accused of filing the claim for $50,000.

A lawyer for Ripley said the charges were the result of a misunderstanding, but the bad press trickled down to Sampaio as her name was featured heavily in stories about the charges.

Sampaio had frequently shared updates of her relationship with Ripley, including a photograph on New Year's Eve showing the couple kissing as they stood on a dock in the Maldives.

"Ready to ring the new year with this hottie," Sampaio wrote.

Sara Sampaio is no stranger to showing off on Instagram, frequently posting racy pictures from her bikini-clad trips to the beach --- and sometimes even less. In January, the model shared some pictures from a photoshoot in Miami for Maxim Magazine. The magazine's Instagram update showed Sampaio topless sitting at the edge of a boat with her arms strategically placed to keep her conforming to the site's no-nudity standards.The Portuguese model also shares some bits of her personal life, including the strict workout regimen she keeps in order to stay so fit. Just before the picture showing off her lingerie, Sara shared a video showing how she got into shape for the bit with some weight-lifting on a balance ball.

As Sampaio shared in a 2017 interview with the Cut, she found that small body movements can make a big difference.

"I've been doing a lot of SLT. It's like a really intense Pilates with a machine," she said. "I've noticed with my body that small movements have done more for my body than the boot camps. My body moves better when it's very focused on small movements that elongate your body and your muscles."

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