'Bachelor' Spoilers: Demi Burnett Goes Braless In Tiny Crop Top On Instagram

Demi Burnett is growing her fan base with her no-nonsense attitude on The Bachelor, as she fights to win Colton Underwood's affection in the newest season. And in a recent Instagram post, Demi showed off her chest in a crop top that was too small, as she laid on her bed on top of a bunch of pillows.

The gray crop top was so short that her curves peeked out, as she held a drink with her right hand and closed her eyes for the photo. She wore her hair down in curls, and also sported black-and-white tie-dyed shorts. Her feed is a mixture of Bachelor-related posts and personal updates. For example, she shared a screenshot of Colton on Ellen, with a photo of herself up behind them. The closed captions read, "She is undeniably herself."

Burnett appears to have one of the stronger personalities in the house, and her outgoing and outspoken nature has clashed periodically with other contestants. So far, it doesn't look like she's scared to go after Colton, and her bold moves -- like blindfolding Underwood and spanking him with a paddle -- keeps her separated from the pack.

A spoiler update about the Monday, February 11, episode from E! News reveals that Demi is prepared to go all the way with Colton.

"I'm not leaving Vietnam without making a big move with Colton. I've got to go really balls-to-the-wall this time. Hopefully, after tonight, Colton won't be 'the virgin' anymore."
Considering that Colton's virginity has been a major storyline this season so far, it would be huge news if Demi was successful.And for fans who are curious about Burnett, ABC revealed some of her background. She's from rural Texas, loves the outdoors, and the WWE. She wants to be Victoria's Secret's first petite Angel.On Twitter, Burnett is on a roll too, sharing some of her fans' reactions to her on the show.

"My stans calling themselves demigods...... iconic. Y'all are me I am you," she noted. Plus, on February 8, she asked her fans, "I'm at 29k followers.... follow me so i can be at 30k my OCD can't deal with this."

Even though it's just been two days since that tweet, her followers are up to 30,800, so it looks like her request was heard. Demi also noted that the Famous Birthdays website got her birthday wrong, noting it was on February 22, even though it's actually on February 21.