January 12, 2019
Amanda Cerny Distracts Her Buff Boyfriend With Wild, Close-Up Cleavage In Hilarious Meme Video

Aside from being named Playboy's Playmate of the Month for October, 2011, Amanda Cerny has been busy in other pursuits in the interim. Whether it's racking up the hits on Twitter with a well-placed joke, or gaining Instagram fans by the hundreds -- if not thousands -- with every sexy snapshot that she shares to her public profile, there can be little doubt that Amanda knows exactly what her audience wants and needs.

In this case, it appears that her audience was clamoring for a video that was equal parts sexy and amusing. Posting a brief skit to her Instagram account just moments ago, as of the writing of this article, Amanda Cerny once again provided her trademark blend of coy comedy to a ravenous viewership.

In this particular video, the former Playboy Playmate can be seen strolling along in some workout clothes -- in this case, a scoop-neck gray tank top and a small hooded sweater tied about her svelte waist. With stone buildings and palm trees in the background, it appears that the clip was filmed in a warm and balmy environment, and the geotag seems to corroborate this guess.

It doesn't take long before Amanda Cerny runs into her buff boyfriend, Johannes Bartl -- and he simply can't stop staring at her boundless cleavage, as well as the shining gold pendant hanging between her breasts. Drinking what appears to be an iced cappuccino from a mason jar, Johannes can't take his eyes off his girlfriend's body.

Captioning the video with a comedic take on the "Xzibit Yo Dawg" meme, per Know Your Meme, and tagging both "TeamCerny" and Johannes himself in the process, it's clear that Amanda Cerny knows exactly how to tickle her audience's funny bone.

Despite having been posted less than an hour ago, as of this writing, the clip in question has already garnered an outsized amount of attention. Over 120,000 Instagram users gave Amanda a like on her creative and comical clip, while over 1,000 social media followers took the time to write her a note in the comments section.

"Why is this video so funny?" one user wrote.

"This is how hot people start relationships," another ardent admirer quipped.

This skit follows an Instagram share made earlier today by the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, native -- one in which she showed off her newest tattoo. Per the Inquisitr, Amanda recently attained a milestone of 24 million Instagram followers, and decided to celebrate by getting some ink done on her upper thigh.

Daring, funny, and sexy, it appears that Amanda Cerny's star continues to rise in the social media sphere, and her fans can't wait to see what comes next for her.