New Video Shows Amanda Cerny Performing Some Amazing Fitness Moves In A Tiny Black Bikini


Social media personality, model, and comedian Amanda Cerny recently left her 23.9 million followers on Instagram absolutely jaw-dropped by posting a new video where she not only showed a lot of skin but also her amazingly flexible body.

The video, which Cerny posted on Wednesday evening, showcased her walking along the beach, wearing a barely-there black bikini with a thong bottom which provided a generous view of her well-toned derriere. She tied her hair into a bun and accessorized with a pair of black sunglasses.

The video, which is apparently filmed by her boyfriend Johannes Bartl (with whom she is currently vacationing in Florida), shows her walking towards a nautical rope. The video maker is then heard asking her, “okay, are you ready for this,” and is seen pointing toward the rope.

Amanda is featured nodding in agreement and accepting the challenge and is then seen performing an amazing backbend as she tries to walk beneath the rope without letting the rope come in contact with her body.

However, because of the waves, the rope is seen getting lower and lower which made it impossible for Cerny to bend her back further, so she finally gave up and rested her back on the sand. She then suddenly grabbed the rope, got back on her feet, and started walking again. In the caption, she tagged her other Instagram account called Cerny Fit which she uses to share her health and fitness secrets with her fans and followers.

Within just 20 minutes of going live, the video amassed more than 38,000 likes and close to 400 comments where fans expressed how much they admire Amanda’s sexy and amazingly flexible body.

“Why are you so hot?” a follower questioned. “I just love whatever you do on Instagram,” another one said. Some users also jokingly likened Amanda’s moves to Keanu Reeves’ famous backbend from The Matrix, while another user wrote the following message for the 27-year-old model.

“Love your energy and personality. Enjoy 2019! Happy New year!”

Amanda had previously posted another video on New Year’s Eve from the same location and wearing the same bikini. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Amanda demonstrated in the video how she’d be entering 2019 by leaping into it, and in the video, she faced her back toward the camera as she walked toward the edge of a sand dune while swaying her hips. She then shook her famous booty and then leaped into the sea.

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In the previous video, Amanda didn’t show her face or her revealing bikini top, leaving fans asking for more. The current video satisfied everyone’s curiosity as she not only showed her beautiful face but also her enviable level of fitness.