Paris Hilton Dons Revealing Lingerie Teddy On Instagram

Jennifer Graylock / StringerGetty Images

Paris Hilton shared a new Instagram post with her fans today, posing in a strappy lingerie teddy. She laid on her side on the floor, as she sported a chunky black necklace, a black glove on her left hand, and thigh-high boots. Paris also wore oversized sunglasses and a Chanel bracelet on her right hand. The caption read, “She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful it was that she always chose herself…” Her fans were thrilled, saying things like “Devoted. Loyal. Amazing fan for life” and “Strong, kind and beyond beautiful all in one. Legit the best inspiration to women everywhere.”

Hilton’s other recent posts include her upcoming show dates in Cancun, which include dates in January through April. She’ll be at the Melody Maker Hotels. Plus, she shared a photo of herself strolling through the airport in an all-black outfit, consisting of a Yankees baseball hat, a sweater with gold lettering, and some comfortable-looking pants.

Not only that, Paris has shared throwback pics to commemorate the holidays. One showed her sitting alongside her sister, as they wore matching black-and-gold dresses. The outfits had large, rose-stenciled lapels and a matching skirt. Paris wore her hair in a deep left part, and put her hands on her crossed legs.

Plus, Hilton’s posted a number of Instagram Stories, some of which promote her DJ work, while others were some of her favorite moments throughout the year. These moments were shared by fans, which she reposted on her own page. There were shots of her posing at the red carpet, plus scenes from the Simple Life. She also threw in a couple of throwback photos.

In other news, Paris previously opened up to Time magazine about her interest in business, which seemed to have started early-on.

“As a little girl, I was fascinated. I knew I wanted to be a successful business woman. I always paid attention.”

Moreover, she shared her views on the #MeToo movement, saying “I think what all these women are doing is amazing. Everyone’s coming together, almost like a sisterhood, and sticking up for each other. People who were too scared to say anything are now using their voice, and it’s changed the whole landscape of Hollywood.”

And when she was asked about how she would describe her brand, she said that it’s “Timeless. Fun. Um, inspiring, sexy, and what else? Competence. And luxury.”