Kendall Jenner Spreads Her Legs, Leaves Little To The Imagination In Racy, Desert-Themed Snapshots

Kendall Jenner appears in a black dress.
Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is perhaps one of the most recognizable personalities on planet Earth, famous for her burgeoning modeling career as well as for her appearances on her family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In a recent series of photographs which the raven-locked beauty shared to Instagram, however, all of the attention was on her signature sexy style — this time, with bold animal prints.

The primary image in the small collection focuses on a crouched Kendall Jenner, legs spread wide, sporting a tiger-stripped off-the-shoulder dress. The garment is comprised of a thin, clinging fabric which hugs the model’s iconic curves, highlighting her slim thighs, tiny waist, and flawless skin. Her tanned complexion blends in very well with the tan and rust color palette common to the proceedings, with the photographers in question — Mert and Marcus — successfully capturing the wild aesthetic of the desert plains.

With her eyes cast up at the sky, and her dark chestnut tresses styled straight and held behind her ears, it is unclear whether Kendall is portraying predator or prey. Matching booties bearing an identical desert camouflage pattern consolidate the look, drawing it together. The American model has chosen to accessorize the getup with a ruffled fabric bangle.

The second image of the visual quartet sees Kendall adopt something of a more formal look, ditching the animalistic outfit and pose for a cool, yet elegant aesthetic. Clad in a classy black dinner gown — complete with braided chains and strappy gladiator heels — the wardrobe choice conjures both a classic sensibility as well as a martial one.

The third snapshot provided by the world-famous actress and fashionista was a close-up, this time putting the lens on Kendall Jenner as she rocked a traditional camo jacket along with a pair of large eyeglasses. The fourth, and final, picture in the series saw the brunette bombshell standing up — regarding the audience with a moody gaze. Draped in a flowing striped garment that obscured most of her lithe form, this image was a bit more eccentric than the rest. In this snapshot, Kendall can be seen rocking a small silver clutch.

Backgrounded by fine sand and tall, dry grass in all of the shots on offer, the sense that Kendall Jenner is spending her time being captured by photographers while on the African Savannah cannot be escaped.

Kendall Jenner has made headlines most recently, as Glamour details, for having been allegedly annoyed by another beautiful brunette — Meghan Markle. Apparently “up in arms” over the heavy security attache afforded to the Duchess of Sussex during the recent British Fashion Awards, where Kendall Jenner and several other industry icons were stymied from seeking an audience with the high-profile royal, it remains unclear whether the annoyance will persist into the future.