Teenage Girl Still Claims A Former WWE Superstar Sent Her Nude Photos - Star Tried To Destroy Girl's Phone

James Ellsworth has had a couple of runs with WWE, but there is a good possibility that his run that ended earlier this year may have been his last. Earlier in November, allegations were brought forth by a teenage girl who claims that Ellsworth sent her nude photos of himself. The former SmackDown Live star has denied the allegations, but the young girl has released a statement confirming her claims and also alleged that Ellsworth does hardcore drugs.

The 16-year-old girl, who goes by the name of "Kenzie" on Twitter, states that Ellsworth sent her a number of nude photos after they traded Snapchat information. She came forward and called out Ellsworth on social media and it brought a frenzy of controversy upon the former WWE superstar.

As reported by WrestleZone, Ellsworth released a statement saying that his legal team has found a witness who has "concrete evidence" that the allegations are false. He states the social media accounts which sent the pics to Kenzie are fake and not anything created by him.

In response to his statement, Kenzie released one of her own in which she stands by her claims that the nude photos sent to her came directly from James Ellsworth. She has also brought forth new allegations that the former WWE superstar has done "hardcore drugs."

James Ellsworth during his time on

Wrestling Inc. put together Kenzie's entire statement which goes into detail how she met James Ellsworth and watched him as a wrestling fan for a long time. She also states that she has the Snapchat names of many other wrestlers, and she is certain it was truly Ellsworth who sent her the nude photos.

"Mr.Ellsworth made a statement. Everyone is sending me. I seen it. Y'all got to think, If a minor 'allegedly' accused you of sending nudes, wouldn't you do everything to save your a** too? People act like he is going to come out and admit it all

"I know the truth. All the stories I've heard about him disgust me. People who worked with him, and know him have told me he's has done hardcore drugs before also. His own best friend is even admitted over a phone call to a girl who has known Jimmy since 2012 that Jimmy has been unspeakable things all his life. In all the screenshots girls, people who have worked with him, promoters, wrestlers, etc the reason I blurred out their names out of respect. I don't need tons of people hitting them up also."

Kenzie goes on to say that "tons of girls" told her that James Ellsworth sent them the same pics and used the same Snapchat information/name.

A report from Rajah states that James Ellsworth issued his statement as a cover-up and that two weeks ago, he offered someone "a few thousand dollars" to find 16-year-old Kenzie, steal her phone, and break it. The source said that Ellsworth obviously did this to get rid of any evidence against him.

James Ellsworth had a couple of decent runs in WWE and has wrestled all around the world with other promotions, but these allegations could really come back to hurt him. The claims that he sent nude photos to a teenage girl are not going to go away, and legal teams have now become involved. If any of the claims have any truth to them, Ellsworth will have to worry about much more than his wrestling career.