Instagram’s ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Flaunts Curvy Derriere, Gets Wild In Miami For Birthday

Anastasiya KvitkoInstagram

Anastasiya Kvitko went all out for her birthday this year and it looks like she had a blast. The Instagram model, who has been dubbed by some as the “Russian Kim Kardashian,” shared some video clips overnight that showed off the wild shenanigans she orchestrated for her celebration.

As the Inquisitr shared a few days ago, Anastasiya Kvitko was in Las Vegas living it up and it looks like she may have been doing some initial birthday celebrating there. As of Wednesday night into Thursday morning, however, she was in Miami, Florida, and she had quite the birthday party put together.

In her Instagram Stories, Kvitko shared some clips from her evening of celebrating. She started out at the Mokai Lounge in Miami where she had an entire crowd celebrating with sparklers, signs, chants, and a tiara on a pillow.

At one point, Anastasiya was seen in a very tight, short white dress shaking her booty and she said she was with her “bae” Eliya Cioccolato. Kvitko was positioned in what has become essentially her signature pose.

This pose of Anastasiya’s allows her to shake and show off her bodacious derriere as she stands angled mostly with her back toward the camera. At the same time, Kvitko ensures that she is turned sideways just enough to also show off her ample bosom and hourglass figure.

As Anastasiya was shaking her booty, her pal was running her hand up and down her backside and giving her tush a little pat. Other videos from the evening showed just how elaborate this celebration got at the Mokai Loung and later in the evening there was a wild limousine ride and a visit to the club Rockwell Miami to carry on the partying.

Kvitko turned 24-years-old this week and she seems to be in a great place in her life right now. Born in Russia, Anastasiya moved to Miami in her teen years and has since relocated to Los Angeles, California. Her goal had been to break into the traditional modeling industry, but her extraordinarily curvacious figure has driven her success thanks to Instagram more than via the typical industry outlets.

Over the past few years, Kvitko has built up a following of 9.1 million people on Instagram and they go wild over every photo and video she shares. It’s not uncommon for her posts to garner 200,000 likes or more and any videos skyrocket much higher than that.

The “Russian Kim Kardashian” clearly had a blast celebrating her birthday this week and Anastasiya Kvitko’s fans can’t wait for more booty-shaking updates from her celebrations.