Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Bundchen Flaunts Long Legs, Plunging Neckline On Instagram

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen is no stranger to public attention, not only attracting an audience for her notorious good looks, but also for her marriage to New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady. Taking to popular social media platform Instagram recently, Bundchen shared a sexy snapshot with the world while promoting her new book, titled Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life.

In the social media share, Bundchen can be seen posing in a bookstore, leaning up against a wooden table while she is backgrounded by bookshelves bearing her latest title. Her iconic long, toned legs are on full display, thrusting out of a long and loose-fitting dress. Her feet are clad in strappy high heels in an off-white or nude hue. The billowing garment, despite its description, defies the notion that it might cover up her figure, instead accentuating it in all of the right places. A plunging neckline on her matching top reveals a hint of cleavage and shows off her flawless skin tone and complexion.

The Brazilian model is seen smiling broadly at the camera, flashing dazzlingly white teeth. Her makeup is on point as well, a perfectly blended foundation and pink lip being paired up with perfectly sculpted eyebrows and extended black eyelashes.–gX1e/

Her signature golden tresses tumble down her shoulders to rest at the middle of her back, styled in loose waves. In her right hand, Gisele proudly holds her newest book aloft, her own pensively coy picture — in a particularly close crop — adorning the cover. It would appear that she is at a signing event, as a pair of pens are placed on the simple wooden table on which she rests. One particularly interesting note is that all of the covers present — and Gisele’s caption of the picture itself — are conveyed in Portuguese, which is Brazil’s official language.

Thankfully, Google Translate provides a rough translation.

“Thank you so much to everyone who came to see me today. I thank you from my heart for all my love and affection. I hope the lessons I’ve learned in my book can help them too. Much love and light.”

It would appear that her wishes were granted, as over 324,000 individual Instagram users offered her image a like, and nearly 3,000 people offered up a comment below her caption. Most of the responses are in Portuguese, which makes sense given the context.

As the Boston Herald details, Bundchen is spending some time back home in her native Brazil. It appears likely that this latest social media snap comes to us from Sao Paulo, the capital city of Brazil, where a throng of admirers gathered to support the internationally recognized model. Waving copies of her book in the air, along with an apparently handcrafted figurine of the newly-minted author, it appears that Bundchen remains dear in the hearts and minds of her countrymen.