Chanel West Coast Dons Unbuttoned Nude-Colored Minidress On Instagram

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Chanel West Coast stunned in a nude-colored minidress on Instagram, as she posted a series of three photos that had fans going wild. In one picture, Chanel offered a close-up of her face, which showed that she was wearing some glossy pink lipstick, dark eyeliner, and some pink eyeshadow. She also wore what people believe is a platinum blond wig, along with several short necklaces. West Coast notably had the first button of the dress undone, letting her assets show.

The rapper also shared a head-to-toe photo of the ensemble, which included some tan lace-up boots. Chanel wore a thick gold bracelet, along with some hugely oversized sunglasses. She also shared a final snap, during which she peered at the camera from behind the sunglasses, as the angle accentuated her curves.

West Coast also posted a casual selfie on her Instagram stories, where she wore a Daria shirt. She also shared some funny videos, including one that said “When you see him tagging someone else in memes” which shows a girl changing her mind several times about how she feels about someone. She also shared a video of the L.A. sky, which was glowing in many shades of pink and purple.

Fans loved all of Chanel’s new photos, with compliments pouring in. She’s also posted some other sultry photos, including one where she wore a rainbow minidress and posed on a couch.

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While the rapper has found success in music and also on TV as a cast member of Ridiculousness, things haven’t always been easy. Unfortunately, Chanel has dealt with a strange rumor that she is actually Lee Norris from Boy Meets World who later became a girl. This is what she said about the situation, according to In Touch Weekly.

“I’m actually going through a legal situation right now to try and get all of this offline, because it’s technically defamation of character, saying that I am transgender and used to be a boy.”

The rapper obviously has a big heart, because she addressed that it’s been difficult for her to deal with people reaching out to her, who believe that she’s transgender. And it’s not for a selfish reason, but rather, the opposite.

“Also, really, that hurts me too because I’ve had a lot of kids be like, ‘I can relate to you,’ thinking that I’m transgender — and I feel terrible. I want to be like, ‘I’m not transgender,’ but at the same time, I want to be there for people to feel like they can confide in me.”

The results of the legal action are unclear, but hopefully she’s been able to set the record straight.