Zayn Malik Shares A Pic Wearing His ‘Daredevil’ Halloween Outfit, And Wows His Fans

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Like all celebrities who took time and effort to pull off their amazing Halloween costumes, singer Zayn Malik decided not to lag behind and disappoint his fans — and he succeeded.

The 25-year-old artist dressed up as Daredevil and posted a photograph to both Instagram and Twitter to completely wow his fans.

“Happy Halloween from the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen,” he captioned his picture on Twitter. The picture in question was retweeted 28,271 times andreceived 115,524 likes.

The picture immediately received a comment from the official Daredevil account on Twitter, saying that “Fisk better watch out.”

The outfit made a lot of fans excited, especially those who are fans of both Marvel and Zayn Malik.

“ZAYN X MARVEL IS WHAT I NEEDED IN MY LIFE,” one fan commented on Zayn’s Twitter post.

On Instagram, the picture became an instant hit as well, and amassed more than 438,000 likes and close to 8,000 comments within an hour of going live.

“Omg, omg my superheroooo,” one of Zayn’s fans wrote on the picture.

“My hero! My King” wrote another fan. Female fans, in particular, loved Zayn’s attire and commented on how sexy he looks in the picture.

“When Zayn is hotter than the weather,” one female fan said. While another one went a step ahead and said that she wishes to be his wife.

“Ditch Gigi. Marry me please.”

Some of Zayn’s fans, however, didn’t appreciate the use of filters in both the Twitter and Instagram pictures.

“What’s with all the filters, dude?” one fan asked. While another one commented that Zayn has killed the originality of the picture because of the colorful filters.

The former One Direction star seems to have a thing for superheroes, as last year he dressed up as Spider-Man, as shown on an Instagram post. And not only did Zayn dress as a comic character, his girlfriend Gigi Hadid also dressed up as the Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, one of Spider-Man’s villains, per Harper’s Bazaar.

Though the couple has been dating since 2015, last year was the first time that they dressed up for Halloween together, per the report. Both Gigi’s and Zayn’s fans absolutely loved to see the two stars together and the picture in question garnered more than 2 million likes and 14,000 comments.

This Halloween, however, Gigi decided not to wear a Halloween costume. She shared her DIY Halloween pumpkin makeup on Instagram.

“Felt like bein’ crafty more than dressing up today. So I painted me a jack-o-lantern! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!” she wrote. Even with the scary pumpkin face, fans found her absolutely stunning and complimented her with words like “gorgeous,” “stunning,” “sexy,” and “beautiful.”

“Still alluring as always,” one of her fans wrote on the picture.