SodaStream The Healthier Soda Alternative To Pepsi And Coke?

SodaStream might the healthier soda alternative if you really enjoy your Pepsi and Coke. The SodaStream machine will even save you some money, and the environment.

One SodaStream CO2 cylinder costs $15 for refills and will carbonate about 60 liters of water. SodaStream says it costs about 20 cents to gas up a liter of water while a liter of brand name soda bought at the store can costs five to 10 times that much. The cost of buying those bottles of soda adds up over the course of a year, and for some soda drinkers it wouldn’t take terribly long for their savings to offset the roughly $200 for a SodaStream REVOLUTION Deluxe model (cheaper starter kits are available for under $100). When you factor in all the plastic bottles you’d be saving, you start to see how, if you do drink soda, a Sodastream is the greenest choice available.

SodaStream offers more than 50 soda mix flavors in regular, diet, caffeine free, sparkling, and seltzers. In comparison to other brands, the regular flavors have less calories, sugar, carbs and sodium. The regular flavor sweeteners are a mix of sugar and sucralose without high-fructose corn syrup. The diet flavor sweeteners use Splenda, sparkling naturals use cane sugar, and essence flavors are unsweetened.

Mother Nature Network says that the Splenda-based line of diet flavors are not the best they’ve tasted:

“This obviously comes down to personal preferences, but I find that Splenda, along with all the other artificial sweeteners, taste terrible. There’s just something wrong about how they taste.”

Still, the reviewers at MMN did not state how they think other diet brands fared in comparison. The SodaStream website claims that their All Natural brand of syrup is healthier and it still tastes great:

“If your favorite store bought soda contains high fructose corn syrup and preservatives, you may want to consider going natural this year. Some options include SodaStream’s Natural line of syrups which comes in a variety of flavors, the Naturals Kids line which has added vitamins, too or better yet, choose simple and pure sparkling water.”

According to Geek Beat, this claim is apparently true when it comes to comparing the basic cola offerings from SodaStream, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. Both Coke and Pepsi have around 100 calories, where the SodaStream Cola is only 35. Again, Coke and Pepsi are matched at 27 grams for carbs and sugars, but when it comes to sodium Pepsi has 25 grams to Coke’s 35 grams. In comparison, SodaStream Cola has nine grams of sugar and three grams of sodium.

According to the Parenting Patch, despite these large, healthy differences the SodaStream flavors apparently tasted just as good or better than well known brands:

“For the most part, off-brand versions of cola just do not compete with the deliciousness that is Coke. However, the Sodastream Naturally Sweetened Cola does. I honestly cannot tell much of a difference between the two colas in taste. I do, however, love that the Sodastream Naturally Sweetened Cola is much healthier for me than Coke.”

More importantly, these flavorings do not contain high fructose corn syrup. But it’s not like you’re limited to the flavors that SodaStream offers you. You can mix in orange juice and other natural fruits to create your own blends of soda. One website, Eating Rules, even has a “SodaStream bar” of recommended fully natural and healthy recipes.

Would you buy SodaStream to save the environment, save some money, and to live healthier?