Adult Film Star Brittni De La Mora Finds New Career As A Christian Preacher

Former adult film actress Brittni De La Mora has found a new calling as a Christian preacher. According to the New York Post, the former adult film actress, who went by the name of Jenna Presley, starred in over 300 films before leaving the industry. During the height of her career, De La Mora was making close to $30,000 a month and drove a new Mercedes.

“I used to be named one of the world’s hottest porn stars,” she said. But De La Mora secretly battled addiction and she struggled to pay her rent. “I would spend thousands and thousands of dollars on drugs a week.”

Her first brush with the sex industry occurred on a trip to Mexico with a group of friends. She got drunk at a club one evening and was put on stage to strip. She was only 16-years-old at the time. De La Mora started stripping to pay for college, but was quickly recruited by a pair of adult entertainment producers.

“I was naive but I wasn’t that naive, I knew they were talking about porn films. I got accepted to be represented by a premier agency and I made the move to become a full-time porn star and dropped out of college,” she said. But after two months, De La Mora caught gonorrhea. She became disillusioned with the industry and developed an addiction to heroin. She battled anorexia so severe, she had to be hospitalized. Just a year after her release from the hospital, she was told by a director she needed to lose weight, though she was just 105 pounds. She asked a model what she did to maintain her thin figure, and she suggested cocaine and crystal meth, according to the Daily Mail.

“I had more energy,” De La Mora said. “I could perform the scenes and not even think about the repercussions anymore. It was giving me this false sense of happiness.” She added that when she came down from her high, she no longer felt the same happiness and would instantly rush to do “another line.”

Her career and drug addiction led to a struggle with suicidal thoughts. One day, she called her grandmother for help, who picked her up and drove her from Los Angeles to San Diego. It was at this time that she began attending Cornerstone church, and in 2012, she quit the industry for good. She met her husband, pastor Richard De La Mora, 31, at Cornerstone. The two married in 2016. Now, De La Mora is a real estate agent, a pastor, and an advocate for women in the sex industry.

“I say that I live life with no regrets. If I had never gotten into the porn industry, I wouldn’t have got to do all of the incredible things I’m doing now,” De La Mora said.