'Condom Size' App Helps Guys Determine Penis Length

Todd Rigney

Every wondered how long your penis really is? The Condom Size app is designed to help guys determine the size of the prophylactic they should be purchasing.

The purpose of the Condom Size app is to help figure men out the exact dimensions of their respective penises. According to The Huffington Post, this feat is accomplished when guys place their erect member alongside the provided ruler.

Once this step has been taken, it's all a matter of seeing where you fall on the scale. Penis length can be determined in both inches and centimeters.

Measuring girth is a bit more involved. After a piece of string or tape has been wrapped around the penis in question, the material is then removed and laid length-wise against the app's girth scale.

News Tracker India reports that the Condom Size app also allows men to enter their measurements to see how they stack up against other gentlemen around the world. Uploading your own penis size is as simple as pressing a few digital buttons.

At present, the measurement app is only $1.99 cents in Apple's App Store.

According to PC Magazine, Condom Size developer VSM Enterprises has stated the app is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

The company's promotional material explains:

"This app educates the male population on the proper condom placement and helps determine proper condom size. The app also includes educational condom tips, fun facts and more. With this app you will be able to very easily determine your condom size through step-by-step instructions, find out exact details and sizes of over 30 condoms, purchase condoms, access educational condom tips, and view a ton of fun facts about condoms!"