Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Her Bikini Body In New Beach Selfies

Emily Ratajkowski knows how to rock a bikini and her latest Instagram posts are must-see pictures for fans of the model and actress. As is often the case, the bikini in the photo is from Ratajkowski's Inamorata swimwear line and her sultry pose for the camera certainly showcases both her sexy body and her daring swimsuit pieces.

The latest Instagram post highlighting Emily Ratajkowski's bikini body came on Thursday. The model is kneeling on a towel on the beach and her followers went wild over the sexy pose. In a second shot posted on Instagram, Ratajkowski is showing the bikini from the back, and that is an even racier post.

In true Emily style, her caption on the second post is "All you want is Nikes." Granted, the 27-year-old model is wearing Nikes in the photo, but that's definitely not what captures everybody's attention. Almost all of the model's bikini selfies go viral, but these last two shots have been especially popular.

Both of these photos showcasing Ratajkowski's bikini from her Inamorata line have received more than 1 million likes in less than a day. They have also garnered thousands of comments, with most people posting about how beautiful she is and how she's on fire.

The model often notes which Inamorata bikini piece she's wearing in her Instagram posts, but she didn't this time. It looks like it's probably her Orpheus suit, and it looks like that leopard-print pattern is sold out at the moment.

Ratajkowski showcased another view of the same bikini in a short Instagram Story, and it looks like after she wrapped up her beach modeling shots, she did some relaxing at home. The latter part of her story video shows her with her Nikes still on, but seemingly wearing casual, comfortable pants or something similar as she took in the gorgeous evening view of the New York skyline.

It's not uncommon for Emily's bikini selfie's to get a million or so likes on Instagram. However, these latest ones look like they could quickly become a couple of her most well-liked posts, given how quickly they've passed the million-likes mark. Knowing the self-described model, actress, feminist, and designer, she will be posting something new fairly soon and her followers are always anxious to see what she shares next.

Are these new selfies showcasing Emily Ratajkowski in her leopard-print bikini a couple of the hottest she's posted on her Instagram page? Her fans would probably find it hard to pick one single favorite, that much is clear from the thousands of comments she gets on each post.