Jessica Chastain Had A Wild Reaction To Sexually Suggestive Comments About Her Breasts

Andrii Daniels

Jessica Chastain recalls what she felt like wearing that revealing bandage dress on the set of Aaron Sorkin's Molly's Game, out in U.S. theaters on January 5, 2018.

The actress, who typically dresses rather conservatively, told the Los Angeles Times that walking onto the set in the skin-tight dress made her feel an unexpected "rush of power" after noticing that everyone's eyes were drawn to her cleavage.

And sexually suggestive comments discussing Jessica Chastain's breasts were partly responsible for her wild reaction, the actress admitted. The two-time Oscar nominee, who plays a woman who ran the world's most exclusive underground poker empire, revealed that online commenters might have fueled her reaction.

"Someone showed me the comments on the trailer for this film, and there are so many comments about my cleavage," Chastain said, referring to the Molly's Game trailer that boasts over 3.3 million views on YouTube, and, admittedly, is swarmed with comments about the actress's cleavage in that eye-catching red bandage dress.

"I've never done a movie where people have been talking about my body like that," Chastain told the publication, though her eye-popping cleavage has been attracting plenty of attention at numerous awards ceremonies and red carpet events.

Chastain was quick to add that the skin-tight dress also made her feel uncomfortable, but not because she turned heads for all the right reasons that night. The actress complained that her breast-baring outfit restricted her physically and made her worry about revealing too much when leaning over.

However, Chastain said she is no stranger to feeling uncomfortable when shooting scenes in head-turning dresses. The actress opened up about the struggles of shooting action scenes due to losing the ability to "move in ways that are natural" and "wobbling in heels."

"I felt like I was giving something away — my own sense of freedom," Chastain said.

Chastain recalled the time when she witnessed a poker game where she saw women in mini-dresses standing there ready to give male players massages at any second. After that night, the actress called Molly's Game director/screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and said, "We need bandage dresses!"

As for her obsession with the Kardashians, Jessica Chastain revealed that she was plastering their photos all over her trailer.