Tiffany Trump's Nude See-Through Dress Still Trending As Boyfriend Comes To Light

Tiffany Ariana Trump's nude dress has some serious staying power, and Twitter can't seem to get enough of last week's Instagram picture of her in the super sexy mini dress. With the conversation revolving around Donald Trump's youngest and low-profile daughter, many are digging deeper into Tiffany Trump's personal life and are curious about her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic.

The picture of Tiffany Trump's see-through minidress took on a life of its own recently. On Google Trends over the past seven days, netizens conducted droves of searches about the aspiring attorney: "Tiffany Trump nude dress," "Tiffany Trump nude colored dress," "Tiffany Trump sheer dress," and other queries.

The aforementioned "nude dress" queries are considered "Breakout" searches because the keyword or key phrase "had a tremendous increase, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches." As multiple sources report, Tiffany has been often elusive, and a mystique exists about her relationship with her first family half-siblings.

Nonetheless, with the posting of her flesh-tone dress, Tiffany Trump became an overnight sensation again; the world met her for the first time when she spoke eloquently about her father, Donald Trump, during his campaign for the presidency.

She did, however, nearly have a "breakout" viral moment when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction while wearing a flirty romper months ago.
With her reinvigorated celebrity -- from the Insta posting of her donning a nude dress -- the world became interested in her love life. Here are a few tidbits about Tiff's beau.
  1. Tiff and Ross are not registered to the same party; he's a Democrat.
  2. The pair has dated for two years.
  3. Ross worked for Ivanka Trump's husband as an intern.
  4. He has a pricey pad.
  5. Ross' father and Donald Trump are friends and business partners.
Marla Maples -- Donald Trump's second wife (1993 to 1999) -- and the president are Tiffany's parents. Marla and Tiffany are often seen together in pictures. They enjoyed a whirlwind vacation months ago and are rarely mentioned in the same sentence as the president. The mother and daughter duo sizzled in bikinis during their quality time together.

Tiffany Trump is celebrated by some and vilified by others. Many people have formed their own ideas about why Tiffany doesn't appear to have a close relationship with her father and half-siblings.

She's rarely seen in public, but when the picture of her wearing a sheer and nude-tone dress cropped up in social media channels, Twitter had quite a lot to say about her relationship with the familiar faces within the Trump first family.

You've seen Tiffany Trump's nude dress on Instagram, but here's a picture of her wearing a bodacious skin-hugging dress at her recent birthday celebration.

[Featured Image by Scott Roth/Invision/AP]