Harry Styles’ Mom Helps Another ‘Dunkirk’ Boat-Related Charity

To say Harry Styles has been laying low since his One Direction hiatus is an understatement, and it is usually his mother that is interacting with 1D fans on social media.

Outside of Dunkirk photos, one of the last recent pictures of Harry Styles was posted by his sister, Gemma Styles, on Instagram around October 15.

In fact, Glamour recently gave updates on the current status of all One Direction members around November 15, and about Harry Styles, they stated the following.

“Out of all of the 1D boys, Harry has kept the lowest profile. There are various rumors circulating of late – that he’s back with his ex Kendall Jenner, and that he’s working on a new album. We want both rumors to be true.”

While fans can only imagine what Harry Styles is up to now that he is finished filming with Dunkirk, the movie is still fueling fundraising with his fans — and his mother is their ringleader.

It was not so long ago that Harry Styles’ mother, Anne Twist, was posting on Twitter about a fundraiser related to her son that was based off the movie Dunkirk.

harry Styles Dunkirk

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, around August 14 there was a push to raise money with the help of One Direction fans. The organization Harry Styles’ fans were rallying around was called the Skylark IX Trust, and they worked to restore the aged “Little Boats” that were featured in the movie Dunkirk.

Since Harry Styles was in the movie, and it was his first official acting job, One Direction fans rushed to support the Skylark IX Trust that also works to help military veterans in recovery.

Skylark IX Trust even had an art contest where Harry Styles’ mother was the judge. Many of the winners are on the Skylark IX Trust’s Facebook page, and a few depict Harry Styles in Dunkirk.

The Just Giving page for the Save Skylark initiative posted an update around August 19 that they had exceeded their original goal of £4,000 ($4,993) and raised £4,616 ($5,762).

Regardless, this was not the end of the road for this Harry Styles-related boat project. Around October 4, Harry Styles’ mother posted an update about the closing chapter in the fundraising for the Save Skylark project and captioned the interview with “well done everyone.”

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles
Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles [Image by Peter Michael Dills and Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Showbiz Lion posted an interview that quoted Anne Twist, and they indicated that there was actually closer to £6,000 ($7,490) raised for Save Skylark in addition to the funds raised by Harry Styles’ fans.

On October 2, the Sunday Post reported about Save Skylark and said Harry Styles fans were “planning to wear Skylark pin badges – which help raise funds for the campaign – to the cinema when the movie – called Dunkirk – opens.”

Around September 14, Harry Styles’ mother also helped promote one of the Save Skylark organizers as a “Public Service Award” nominee.

The Guardian reports that Mary Burch has made it to the top five for the public service award for her work with Save Skylark and other military non-profits, but the winners will not be announced until November 30.

In the meantime, Mary Burch has a Save Skylark ongoing fundraiser for £1,000 ($1,250), and there is currently only £22 ($28) in donations since the campaign was launched on September 27.

On November 12, Harry Styles’ mother retweeted a post from a Just Giving page for another boat fundraiser related to Dunkirk called #LifeboatsForHarry. The purpose is to raise £10,000 ($12,482) for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in honor of Harry Styles’ role in the movie Dunkirk. So far, fans have raised almost £1,200 ($1,497).

However, Harry Styles’ mother will likely continue working for good causes, and the Save Skylark project is only one of many she has shown support for in the past.

For example, a few retweets from Anne Twist over the past months include Donate A Sleeping Bag in London. The goal of this project is to get the public to donate 500 sleeping bags to DASB in London for homeless individuals.

As recently as November 22, Harry Styles’ mother went to a Gem Appeal charity fundraiser in London that had a theme of Christmas in New York.

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