ISIS Slaughterhouse Massacre: 'Worst Ever' Video Shows At Least 24 Prisoners Hung From Meat Hooks In Islamic Holy Day Execution

Norman Byrd

In what has been labeled its "worst ever" atrocity, ISIS extremists have released a video where they execute prisoners after hanging them from meat hooks in a slaughterhouse.

The Daily Star reported on September 13 that the latest propaganda video by ISIS was filmed in a slaughterhouse where, according to the human rights activist organization Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, there were at least 24 individuals killed like animals. The video shows prisoners, who were sentenced to death for collaboration with the U.S.-led coalition forces, being subsequently hung -- while still alive and bound -- on meat hooks in the style of sheep and cattle. The prisoners were then slaughtered like animals, their throats cut to drain their life's blood.

The graphic video is said to have been filmed as part of the observance of the Islamic holy day of Eid al-Adha, which traditionally sees livestock ceremonially slaughtered, the meat of which is then given to the poor and needy.

In one segment of the ISIS video, an executioner dressed in solid white overalls can be seen carrying two prisoners, one under each arm. After the prisoners were suspended from meat hooks, he quickly slits their throats, allowing their blood to fall through a metal grate in what looks to be an analog to a ceremonial killing, comparable to, as noted by the Daily Star, "how Halal meat is prepared."

The Syrian human rights activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently has labeled the slaughterhouse massacre ISIS' "worst ever." In reporting on the mass killings via social media, the group posted stills of the bloody carnage, warning potential viewers that the ISIS video clip, which runs about 12 minutes, was not suitable for humans to watch.

Throughout the length of the video, the Eid slaughterhouse massacre is interspersed with other ISIS killings. In a surreal touch, given that the prisoners were accused of collaboration, there also appear snippets of the Hollywood movie Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation, which is apparently meant to suggest spy activity.

The video also features photos of the aftermath of the Bastille Day massacre in Nice, France, where a lone truck driver plowed through holiday celebrants on July 14. That terrorist attack killed 86 people and injured an additional 434 people before ending in gunfire. The Tunisian truck driver was eventually shot dead by police, according to the New York Times.

As gruesome as the slaughterhouse massacre might be, labeling it the "worst ever" will find plenty of ISIS atrocities to vie for the position. Since its militant territorial grab and the creation of the Islamic State in June of 2014, ISIS executions, through Sharia court sentencing and military orders, have claimed the lives of multitudes of prisoners and captives, including members of its own organization and innocent children.

The Inquisitr has reported on numerous atrocities committed by the Islamic State.

ISIS put to death 25 people in May by lowering them into a pool of nitric acid, a method of execution that literally dissolved the prisoners. The prisoners were accused of being spies.

The extremists killed six prisoners convicted in a Sharia court in Mosul for collaborating with the enemy in August by dipping them into vats of boiling tar.

More recently, ISIS sentenced 19 youths to death for allegedly being part of a resistance faction. The entire group was publicly executed, and each prisoner was cut in half by a chainsaw.

These especially heinous mass killings are in addition to the beheadings, shootings, gassings, and burnings of captives and prisoners. As to these methods of execution, the extremists shot 12 women to death in July simply for protesting against its governance. Earlier, in June, in a continuance of its policy of genocide against the religious minority of Yazidi Kurds, ISIS burned 19 girls for refusing to become sex slaves for its fighters.

All executions were carried out in Mosul, Iraq. All of the prisoners were alive prior to their being executed by ISIS.

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