Alzheimer’s Disease Cure Reverses Memory Loss And Confusion: Dr. Dale Bredesen’s Treatment Includes Sleep, Diet, Exercise

A new Alzheimer’s disease cure reverses memory loss and confusion, according to CBN News. Small study results over the last four years are simply stellar. Small trials, so far involving 20 subjects, show that while one advanced case did not respond to treatment, four years of research reveals long-term success in all the other test subjects.

Dr. Dale Bredesen of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging has uncovered 36 different causes of Alzheimer’s. The problem with past attempts to cure Alzheimer’s have failed because they only focused on one of the 36 factors involved in the multifaceted nature of the actual cause.

Sleep, diet, and exercise are all factors in the development of Alzheimer’s, but there are 36 factors to examine. Dr. Dale Bredesen’s personalized and comprehensive treatment is now reporting a 95 percent overall success rate for the reversal of memory loss and confusion associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Only one patient failed to improve according to Senior Planet. This patient suffered from late-stage Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Dale Bredesen explained to UCLA Newsroom that not everyone falls victim to the same factors. Bredesen compares Alzheimer’s to a network with multiple individual factors plaguing each patient. Some factors are more active in some patients than others, while other factors may not even be present in some patients. Therefore, treating a patient based on individual needs is far better than any single treatment, based on one cause. Dr. Bredesen explained the concept on CBN News.

“Imagine you have a roof with 36 different holes in it. If you take a drug, for example, which is fine, it could potentially help, but it’s only going to cover one of the 36 holes, so we want to be able to cover the others.”

Alzheimer’s disease patients, already suffering from memory loss and confusion, are first tested for all 36 factors to see which ones are potential causes in that individual. The test, developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen and his research team, serves as a guide in prescribing an individualized treatment regimen.

Sleep, diet, and exercise are certainly a good place to start in any Alzheimer’s disease cure. Sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise can result in memory loss and confusion even in young subjects not suffering from Alzheimer’s. Bredesen also sees sugar as a major culprit contributing to memory loss. The Buck Institute cure goes much further in defining Alzheimer’s causes, though.

Dr. Dale Bredesen explained various biochemical factors to Pat Robertson of CBN News, who has been locked in battle with various problems associated with an aging mind for many years.

“This includes things like looking at your exercise and looking at your diet and looking at your nutrition, your homocystine level, your copper-to-zinc ratio, your pregnenolone level, on and on. We gather over 100 different metabolic parameters we have in a computer-based algorithm that will tell you what is actually contributing to this.”

The new Alzheimer’s disease cure reverses memory loss and confusion because it is an all-encompassing treatment that addresses lifestyle changes like more sleep, no sugar, and stress management, in addition to vitamins, supplements, and biochemical corrective measures. It isn’t just a pill addressing a single issue, it is a full regimen of specific treatments, based on each individual case.

Alzheimer’s disease, associated with memory loss and confusion, is actually caused by an imbalance in nerve cell signaling, according to Dr. Dale Bredesen. Normal brain function actually has a mechanism for disposing of irrelevant information. In Alzheimer’s patients these signals become confused, the wrong signals are suppressed, and memories are lost.

Alzheimer's Disease Plaques by Juan Gaertner c

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s findings differ from previous curative models based on plaques building up in the brain. He discovered that amyloid beta peptide, the source of plaques, has a normal function that is being hijacked, and thus increased, resulting in plaques associated with memory loss and confusion. For Bredesen, the plaque was not the cause, or rather the symptomatic cause had multiple causes. Bredesen discovered the roots of the previously cited cause.

The new Alzheimer’s disease cure that reverses memory loss and confusion is far less complicated than it sounds. UCLA Newsroom relates the story of one patient. The female subject had a very demanding job and yet found herself getting lost on the way home. She was forgetting her route and her ability to map the course was severely impaired. Some but not all of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s treatments were incorporated. Here is her prescription as listed by UCLA Newsroom.

  • eliminating all simple carbohydrates, gluten, and processed food from her diet, and eating more vegetables, fruits, and non-farmed fish

  • meditating twice a day and beginning yoga to reduce stress

  • sleeping seven to eight hours per night, up from four to five

  • taking melatonin, methylcobalamin, vitamin D3, fish oil, and coenzyme Q10 each day

  • optimizing oral hygiene using an electric flosser and electric toothbrush

  • reinstating hormone replacement therapy, which had previously been discontinued

  • fasting for a minimum of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, and for a minimum of three hours between dinner and bedtime

  • exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes, four to six days per week

Additionally, some patients are prescribed probiotics and prebiotics according to Senior Planet.

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Alzheimer's Disease [Image by Juan Gaertner/Shutterstock]

Dr. Dale Bredesen remains cautious about his findings, calling his results anecdotal since his study was limited in the number of patients tested. He is quoted by UCLA Newsroom.

“The current, anecdotal results require a larger trial, not only to confirm or refute the results reported here but also to address key questions raised, such as the degree of improvement that can be achieved routinely, how late in the course of cognitive decline reversal can be effected, whether such an approach may be effective in patients with familial Alzheimer’s disease, and last, how long improvement can be sustained.”

The new Alzheimer’s disease cure has reversed memory loss and confusion in a small study. New studies are being conducted throughout the U.S. and U.K. in an effort to replicate the four-year study of first 10 and then 20 people. Alzheimer’s patients can seek out these studies and volunteer for help, or they can inquire about Bredesen’s future plans for a one-week extensive stay program. One of the best parts of this treatment is the side effects, which include better overall health and an improved body mass index.

Diet, exercise, and sleep are at the heart of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s new Alzheimer’s disease cure that reverses memory loss and confusion.

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