Selena Gomez Make-Up And Fashion Tips — How To Shut Down The Red Carpet

Selena Gomez has reportedly shut down the red carpet 15 times, which is definitely a big record. How does she do it? Here are her big secrets. First, Refinery29 believes that Selena’s style succeeds because she always begins with a classic Hollywood look for a template.

The source states that “unlike many of her peers, Gomez’s red carpet evolution is noticeably absent of rainbow hair or fleeting make-up trends. Instead, she opts for classics like old-Hollywood waves, soft updos, smoky eyes, and crimson lips.”

Now, for the Selena Gomez second trick, “modernize the look with an edgy outfit.” The perfect example for this would be the singer and actress’ Atelier Versace number. Voila, that’s all there is to it. Easy enough. But wait a minute, Selena is Selena. She has this combo of fresh and classic beauty looks.


Without these looks, not just anybody can shut down the red carpet. Gomez has the perfect hair, skin, teeth and lips. What else can a girl ask for? However, just because such natural, God-given features are missing doesn’t mean that the only solution is to give up on the Aping-Selena movement or one’s own beauty pursuit.

Think inner beauty, and then find ways to bring it out for the whole world to get up and take notice. Selena Gomez doesn’t say it in words. But if she has a chance to talk to her fans in order to share her own brand of tricks of the trade, she will most likely do it like the fairy god mother did to Cinderella.

The truth is, all these secrets are still useless if one doesn’t strut the style. Confidence and that cool feeling that one is on top of the world are key to succeeding where others failed. All one has to do is take a look at all of Refinery29‘s takes on Gomez. It will be evident that she does exude the confidence in each of the 16 Selena looks.

So the next question probably is, how does one get into this confidence? Well, for someone who is not as gifted as Selena Gomez, or Marilyn Monroe, for that matter, it’s not the end of the world. The key is to start somewhere.

There is a unique beauty lurking in every woman. For women like Gomez, it’s there all at once. For others, it might take a lifetime of finding the holy grail. To succeed, one has to give oneself as much head start as possible.

It’s the first homework that needs to be done, and there is no skipping it. Barring it, one’s chances of shooting down everybody on the Red Carpet or the Junior-Senior prom, are very slim, indeed. Make-up helps, even Selena, nay, every Hollywood celebrity relies on it.

However, the common mistake is to overdo it. Out of the 16 examples that Refinery29 put forth as a case-in-point for the Selena presentation, slide number eight is perhaps the most motivating.

“The Selena super-braid made us fan girls back in 2013 — and it’s giving us a similar feel now. Even if we don’t have the length (or extensions) to replicate this long, reverse-French number, it’s motivating us to get our braid on (the easy way).”

What did Julia Robert’s BFF say to the Pretty Woman? “Work it, work it, baby.”

The big irony about beauty is that sometimes someone needs to go looking for it. Yet once found, it can become one’s property for a lifetime. That is, not even wrinkles or growing old, in particular, can destroy it. Just consider Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn.

Selena Gomez may look perfect, but the fact remains that nobody really is. She might have an imperfection here and there that only she knows about. But get this: without actually discovering it and subsequently working on it, nothing happens. It’s like the Hannah Montana doll that Miley Cyrus buried in her backyard somewhere.

Finally, never ever forget that there is always a method to madness, even when there appears to be none at the beginning. As Steal Her Style points out, no one has to buy all those expensive outfits that Selena Gomez buys, unless one is filthy rich or a celebrity. The fact is, there are always cheaper substitutes for all the haute couture the fashion diva brings to the table. All one has to do is to be resourceful.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]