A Look At Young Thug’s Highly Volatile Lifestyle, What He Wishes He Could Change

Young Thug is one of the most unpredictable and incomprehensible rappers on the planet. Listening to his music, which is just lines of incomprehensible gibberish, it is amazing that he is one of the most sought after talents in the hip hop, not to mention that his performances sell out fast. Speaking of talent, he once boasted that he writes songs incredibly fast, some under ten minutes in fact.

Of course, this is highly achievable given that he doesn’t really write fully comprehensible lyrics or limited by a rhyming pattern. The following was his admission in relation to this.

“I think as I go,” he says. “I can’t remember 16 bars. Unless you write it, you can’t. I just do it bar for bar. I did a song in eight minutes. I thought everybody could write songs that fast. But working with a lot of them, they don’t. Wayne and Drake, it takes them so long to do a song. I understand why, because they want it to be perfect. But I think I can do a perfect song in ten minutes. I did ‘Danny Glover’ in eight minutes. ‘Stoner’ took me almost an hour.”

Presently aged 24, he grew up in one of the most violent sections of Atlanta Georgia. And while still a kid, he lost a brother to violence. He was shot just outside his home following a gambling dispute. Young Thug also has a brother who is currently doing time for a murder conviction. But even that being the case, he is himself a compulsive gambler and has had numerous brushes with the law. Moreover, he moves about with a crew donning huge guns. In the words of Mark Anthony Green of GQ, “You will never see bigger guns tucked into smaller pants.”

Young Thug and his girlfriend [Image via Twitter]
His main bodyguard is said to carry a semi-automatic assault rifle even when the rapper is in the studio. And when it comes to his eating habits, they can at best be described as unhealthy. This is going by the description by GQ. The following is a statement related to this.

“He eats almost nothing. Says he does not like to eat, and goes for days without food. On the third of every month, a doctor shows up at his mansion near Buckhead and injects him with vitamins. All the greens, he says, to keep me healthy.”

Young Thug in feminine clothes. [Image via Instagram]
Young Thug is also big on drugs and doesn’t hide the fact. Apparently, he binges for days and goes without sleep while at it. And when he finally does, he sleeps for 24 hours or more. The following is an excerpt from the site describing this habit.

“Thug drinks prescription cough syrup all day, takes Xanax, smokes marijuana, eats molly. Sometimes he does all of them at once. He rarely sleeps. A former friend said Thug would stay up for days, take lots of different kinds of drugs, then sleep for 24 to 48 hours.”

The aforementioned habits are just the ingredients for a disastrous fast-life ending. But Young Thug has openly admitted on numerous occasions that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him or the things he does. However, there is one thing that has him in the ropes and that is his kids. In an admission during an interview with GQ, he admitted that they were not easy. The following was his exact statement.

“They ain’t easy. It be like, ‘If I could take this back? Yes, what the f*** was I thinking!’ Haha… It’s not even taking care of the kids. The main part is you won’t be able to do what you always did. That’s the number one rule to having a kid: You can’t be who you were.”

[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for The Vanity Group]