Nude Snooki Photos Leaked Online

Want to see Snooki naked? The reality star is doing her best to tone down her partying image now that she’s pregnant, but Nicole Polizzi can’t seem to escape her risqué history as a series of nude photos of the reality star were recently leaked online.

Snooki’s rep didn’t try to deny the authenticity of the photos. Her rep confirmed to E! News that the photos were really of Snooki and were taken before the star was pregnant. The celebrity’s rep did say that it was a shame that someone decided to leak the personal photos. (One of the nude photos of Snooki is posted below. You can view the rest of the photos here at Egotastic.)

The rep said:

“Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public. It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.”

According to the Huffington Post, this isn’t the first time that naked photos of Snooki have been leaked online. In 2010, nude photos of the star were posted to Polizzi, however, denied that the photos were authentic.

At the time Snooki said:

“There are no nude photos nor will there ever be. The tabloids just love snook gossip ;]”