Katina Powell Experiences The Consequences Of Allowing Daughters To Sleep With Players For Money

Elizabeth Gail

Katina Powell sent shockwaves across the media when she revealed in her recently released book, Breaking Cardinal Rules, that she was paid thousands of dollars to organize parties featuring strippers to lure university basketball recruits at the University of Louisville. Apparently, the strippers also agreed to do "side deals" to make an extra buck in the events. She revealed this during an interview with ESPN's Outside the Lines. Katina alleged that Andre McGee, who was an assistant basketball coach at the University of Louisville gave her money for four years (between 2010 to 2014) to organize the parties, which were set in the players' dorm.

Although the strippers were initially only to provide dance shows, other "services" were later on included after McGee asked Katina Powell if the girls could also offer sex. This was during the second show. The following was her statement in regards to this, as reported by ESPN.

"He asked me, 'Is there any girls that want to make extra money,' pretty much a side deal with the players.... So I asked the girls and their eyes lit up like, 'Well, yeah... 'Side deals' were sex, and if they [the dancers] wanted to make extra money, that's what the 'side deal' was, sex."

However, the most shocking aspect of the escapades was that Katina Powell also chose to allow her daughters to join in. According to Lindsay, one of Powell's daughters who attended the parties, she even offered a "side deal" to Russ Smith. This is as reported by Fox Sports. The following was Katina Powell revelation.

"I believe that McGee came to my mom and said something to her about it, and my mom came to me and I was like 'OK,' and we went in another room and we had sex"

Going by Katina's allegations, Rick knew about the whole scheme. She alleges that she personally asked McGee if Pitino knew, and his answer was that the coach knew everything. She revealed this during her interview on Outside the Lines.

However, although her book may have had a dramatic rise in sales as a result of the scandalous details, some have questioned the logic of revealing to the whole world that she pimped out her daughters, which raises doubts on whether her claims are legitimate.

However, Outside the Lines has already made an independent confirmation of a wire transfer from McGee to Katina Powell. This is as highlighted by ESPN.

That said, the move seems to have had unforeseen consequences for Powell. According to Whas11, which has also done an interview with Katina Powell, she stated that she is now viewed as an irresponsible parent and has been trolled on social media for allowing her daughters to sleep with guys for money. However, she described the relationship with her daughters as follows.

"We do a lot of things together so I am understanding people questioning my parenting skills, but everyone is not perfect or perfect parents. Like I said, it was fun for my kids, they looked at it as fun; they have friends that were doing it. They made friends. It was just fun. It was nothing that I made them do; nothing that I begged them to do, like I said, they begged me."