Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon Is Over? Boyfriend To Sell NYC Home

Lana Del Rey’s relationship with Francesco Carrozzini has been closely followed by the paparazzi — but the honeymoon period in their relationship may be over.

According to insiders, Lana Del Rey’s Italian boyfriend is ditching his residence in New York City — and this may be a sign that he is moving in permanently with his lady love. Alternatively, the real estate sale could mean that Lana Del Rey and Francesco are on the run from paparazzi and rude fans — once again.

Lana Del Rey and Francesco have not been together for very long, and Lana broke up with Barrie O’Neill about a year ago. The Daily Mail and others report that Francesco Carrozzini was perhaps the reason for that breakup — but it appears Lana’s relationship with Francesco is going strong.

Lana Del Rey and ex Barrie O'Neill attend a movie in Los Angeles in 2013

Although Lana Del Rey did not discuss her relationship with Francesco at first, his June interview with a Turkish paper detailed his deep feelings for her. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Francesco talked about how he was attempting to make it work with Lana Del Rey’s busy schedule by staying with her in Orange County — and was thinking of giving up his NYC residence.

Following this interview, Lana Del Rey appears with Francesco and his mother at a wedding for Beatrice Borromeo in Europe. According to a Daily Mail report from August 1, Francesco’s mother seemed to love Lana Del Rey — and even the patterns of their dresses had a similar look.

Suddenly, on October 9, the NY Daily News stated that Francesco was looking to sell his Greenwich Village property valued at $16 million. It could be that Lana Del Rey’s boyfriend is selling his real estate in Greenwich Village because things are getting serious with him and Lana — and he no longer needs a big house in NYC.

Or, could this be a sign that Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini are on the run from fans?

Francesco Carrozzini and his mother Franca Sozzani

As it seems, there is not much to support that the real estate sales are related to the fact that they are breaking up — and it is more likely that Lana Del Rey and Francesco are getting more serious about their relationship. Although the couple is shy in the press, Celebrity Cars Blog and Art of Gears reported on September 19 that Lana Del Rey was spotted having lunch and riding with Francesco in his Ferrari in Malibu.

Regardless, it should also be no surprise that Francesco is selling his place in NYC since Lana Del Rey has been helping him look for a new place since 2014.

The Daily Mail reported on September 22, 2014 that Lana Del Rey was in NYC checking out a brownstone valued at $3 million. According to the NY Daily News, around the time Lana Del Rey was real estate browsing, Francesco was in NYC hanging out with Rita Ora’s sister, Elena Sahatciu, — and things were getting cozy.

While a history of having a close friendship could explain why Elena and Francesco were so intimate during their lunch in NYC, the Daily Mail states the following.

“While there’s no reason to believe that the hunky Italian photographer and director is anything but just good friends with Rita’s sibling-turned-manager, Lana was certainly looking a little forlorn as she checked out the $3 million brownstone.”

Insiders close to Lana Del Rey told the NY Daily News in 2014 that the reason she looked sad could be explained. For instance, the insiders said Lana Del Rey was “likely looking for a house because of the [paparazzi] camped out outside [Francesco’s] home daily.”

Unfortunately, unwanted guests are nothing new for Lana Del Rey — and she made headlines in June for selling her Hollywood home and moving into a secluded beachfront Malibu domicile.

According to TMZ, Lana Del Rey was moving in order to escape fans and they state, “Lana’s been living in the ritzy Hancock Park area of L.A. which is just too accessible to fans, some of whom would camp out on her street. It got so bad one fan got in her backyard.”

[Feature image via Steve Jennings/Stringer/Getty Images]