Is Harry Styles Going To College In Philadelphia?

Everyone knows that Harry Styles cold-shouldered Liam Payne on his August 29 birthday — but was it because Harry Styles was checking out potential colleges?

Now that One Direction has officially decided to take a break starting in March, 2016, fans are speculating about what individual members of the band have planned.

It has been too soon to tell which direction Harry Styles will go with his solo career — but the fact that he took time off from the band to casually hang out at a restaurant next to a college campus may not be a fluke.

While there is a constant reassurance in the headlines that Harry Styles will never officially leave One Direction forever — perhaps he will consider education on his 2016 break.

As the youngest of the One Direction crew, Harry Styles had few chances to be a normal teenager finishing secondary school. But has Harry Styles ever had any interest in taking a few college classes?

In fact, The Mirror reported on November 16, 2013, that Harry Styles wanted to go to college before his X-Factor success. They quoted Harry Styles saying the following to Jonathan Ross of ITV1.

“I wanted to be a physio[therapist] but my teachers told me there’s no jobs in that so try something else.”

For this reason, it would be no surprise if fans were to learn that Harry Styles was enrolled at their local university in 2016.

Supporting the idea that Harry Styles might be shopping for colleges, a J-14 report on September 2 states that fans of Harry Styles were delighted to find him sauntering about town near Villanova University in Pennsylvania. As alleged by the fans, Harry Styles bought them all sandwiches at the Campus Corner restaurant and took pictures with them.

But will Harry Styles fit in as a normal college kid? Celebrities attending college is something that has been done before. After all, Dakota Fanning and Harry Styles’ pal Emma Watson have attended colleges in the northeastern United States.

Regardless, it appears that attending a university as a celebrity might be a bit difficult for Harry Styles. The Daily Mail reported on May 25, 2014, that Emma Watson graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island and stated the following about the negative aspects of her college experiences.

“Emma Watson looks as though she has achieved her aim of having a normal student experience. But appearances can be deceiving… For the fellow ‘student’ accompanying the actress to her graduation is actually an armed police guard. And beneath the undercover officer’s black graduation robe is a gun.”

If Harry Styles attends college, can fans expect to see him chilling out in their dorm? Another angle that celebrities take when attending college is to live in secured housing.

For example, when Dakota Fanning started attending NYU, she told People in September, 2011, that she would not be living on campus — but in a luxury apartment in Manhattan.

However, would Harry Styles choose a university like Villanova in the first place? Along with being a top-ranking college according to Forbes and U.S. News, Harry Styles might choose Villanova because it is close to other Philadelphia celebrities.

In particular, Curbed Philly states that Will Smith has a mansion in Villanova.

[Feature image via Ryan Pierse/Getty Images]