Christina Milian May Love App Investing More Than Lil Wayne

Maryam Louise

Christina Milian is known for her music skills -- but now she may also be highlighted in history as a businesswoman.

While the news is clogged with Christina Milian's recent revelation that she and Lil Wayne are in an official relationship, the real headline should be about how she is joining one of the fastest-growing investment trends -- apps.

Is it so strange that a celebrity would invest in apps? Over the past month, Christina Milian has invested in three.

When discussing the new trend of investing in apps, the Los Angeles Times points out, "Start-ups have also attracted notable investors — including pop stars such as singer, who backed restaurant reservation payment app Reserve in February, and boxer Floyd Mayweather, who's among early investors in image-sharing app Shots."

Does this type of investment have a future? Those investing in apps, like Christina Milian, are looking forward to what the Apple Watch can do for their apps. The Australian Financial Review states the following about the potential increase in revenue for investors like Christina Milian.

"Much of the drive to create an Apple Watch version of an app is coming directly from CEOs, who are playing with their watch and want their own app on it. Analysts estimate the reach of the initial model will be 20 million to 40 million. Apple released the developer kit in November so people could begin to create apps to be ready for the launch."

Aside from promoting products and starting a We Are Pop Culture shoe line, Christina Milian is investing in apps at an alarming rate that continues to grow.

For example, on May 8, Christina Milian posted on social media, "Earlier Today at the #CollisionConference with @kbjcapital right before hitting the main stage and talk #FrenchGirls app! And Investing in Tech/Startups."

Keep in mind that it was only at the end of March that the Inquisitr reported Christina Milian was releasing a twerking app with Lexy Panterra.

About Christina Milian's twerking app, Latina Magazine says, "LexTwerkOut [is] an app based on Panterra's TwerkOut fitness classes....The app allows users to take virtual classes wherever they are.... The LexTwerkOut app is available for both Android and iPhone."

In brief, French Girls is an app that takes selfies and has artists repaint them on canvases. Christina Milian jumped on board as a French Girls app investor simply because she "liked using the app."

Despite using the term "investing," Christina Milian is obviously not into app investing only for the money. During the Fox News interview, the co-developer of the French Girls app, Chris Jones, points out that one of the problems behind this app is that it does not make a lot of money for the investors. Instead, it is a way to help traditional fan-art artists sell their work -- and Christina Milian is happy to oblige.

Finally, a third app that Christina Milian is investing in is also more about having a heart of gold -- instead of hoarding gold in the bank.

On their website, the developers of the Stop Attack app state, "Christina Milian is becoming the brand ambassador and equity owner of Braxington Technologies, maker of the Stop Attack app, the emergency assault-response application and virtual-tech eyewitness."

Christina Milian stated about becoming the voice and investor of Stop Attack, "Violence and assaults are issues that we see way too much in the news. It has to stop. The Stop Attack app is a voice for assault-victims that will bring justice and keep our loved ones safe."