Jade Helm, Wal-Mart Underground Tunnels Conspiracy Theory: Footage Inside ‘Closed Walmart’ — What Are Cops Trying To Hide?

JohnThomas Didymus - Author

Oct. 20 2016, Updated 5:39 p.m. ET

Conspiracy theory speculations about the sudden “mysterious” closures of at least five Wal-Mart stores in four states where Jade Helm military training exercises are scheduled to start got a boost in the last few days following release of footage purportedly showing police officers guarding loading docks and entrances at a “closed” Wal-Mart under circumstances that many say are suspicious.

Two “exclusive” videos shot by one of the subscribers of the YouTube conspiracy theorist Dahboo777, inside the closed Pico Rivera Walmart supercenter, California, according to some, show an attempt by police guards helping Walmart maintain security to hide sinister goings-on at the closed store.

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In the first footage, guards order the person filming to stop and shelves appeared to have been arranged to conceal goings on in an area inside the store.

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“Police officers not only outside of the store but outside of the receiving docks as well, leading to concerns about exactly what it is they are expecting to receive and what they have planned for these monstrous buildings.”

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In the second footage, Walmart officials allegedly attempt to conceal what was happening in the store by covering up windows with plastic sheets.

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Following release of the clips, viewers have been speculating on Facebook about the presence of unmarked cars at the entrances to the Wal-Mart stores and asking why the windows were being covered with plastic and some sections in the interior of the store blocked off from view with empty shelves.

The speculations are diverse, but one line of speculation that has emerged prominently in conspiracy theory circles focuses on alleged underground tunnels constructed by Wal-Mart in collaboration with NSA and DHS, which will play a key role in the logistics of a rumored plan by the authorities to convert the Wal-Mart centers into operational and emergency staging areas for NSA and DHS operatives, once the anxiously anticipated martial law kicks in.


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