Jhonni Blaze Adult Film: ‘Love & Hip-Hop: New York’ Star Pokes Fun At Her Tape

Jhonni Blaze regrets that her adult film was ever released to the world. It was a hot topic on Monday night’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop: New York. The reality star admitted that the X-rated film was as bad as her fans said it was. Some fans went as far as to say that Jhonni’s adult film was boring to watch.

Blaze recently sat down with Vlad TV to talk about her adult film. The aspiring singer and former stripper said that she took well to the bashing she received for making such a horrible tape. Blaze was even willing to poke fun at herself about it.

“I’m very sarcastic, joking-wise I guess you could say, but I mean the tape was never supposed to be leaked. Was something that I felt once it came out, I would never try to hide anything from people… so why not embarrass myself and put everything out.

Whether you think it sucked or whatever, whether it makes you not want to date me that’s great because now it’s less guys wanting to talk to me.”

Jhonni mentioned that she is usually great in bed, despite showing any enthusiasm in her adult film.

“Any ex of mine would tell you that I’m perfectly fine in bed so, we’ll leave it like that.”

But Blaze did admit that the tape didn’t show her in a flattering light.

“S***, I thought it was crazy. I thought it was terrible. I said in an interview before that I shaved my hair because my mom had cancer and every month I would shave a little patch so when I did the tape I feel like I had no edges. I have edges, my edges are on fleek-OK!”

Jhonni has been pretty open about her sex life lately. Drake’s ex-girlfriend says that she has a lot of sex with Rich Dollaz. In another clip, Jhonni slammed Rich for saying that they don’t spend enough time with each other. She revealed that they actually have sex four times a week, according to MStarz.

Dollaz has a different story to tell. He said on the Love & Hip-Hop episode that he and Blaze don’t even have sex that much. Dollaz even confronted her about it.

“We’ve only had sex one time in the last five months. I haven’t had sex with you in months, we ain’t even messing around at this point, like come on… this is crazy and stressful.”

So, why did Jhonni release the photos from her adult film, as she revealed in the Love & Hip-Hop episode? She told VladTV that when she filmed the video, she understood she would receive a profit each time it was sold. An insider close to Jhonni threatened to release the photos from the tape, so she decided to release them herself.

For those who don’t know who Blaze is, she’s is the former flame of Drake. The Inquisitr reported about her last year when she allegedly released the nude photos of the Canadian rapper. Blaze was apparently “jilted” over her relationship with Drake. It’s unclear why she released the nude photos since it never was confirmed or spoken of again. Some fans would say that Blaze is no stranger when it comes to nude scandals.

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[Jhonni Blaze via Instagram]