95-Year-Old Native American Dave Bald Eagle Only Has 7 Days Left For His Movie Kickstarter

Maryam Louise

Did you know that there was a Native American actor named Dave Bald Eagle that is 95-years-old? An actor that is almost 100? Yes, Dave Bald Eagle is one of those rare individuals that is still moving and shaking in his 90s -- not unlike acting wonder woman Betty White.

Although not as well-known as Betty White, Dave Bald Eagle has a long history of being in the spotlight -- and has a current career in acting. Over the past two years, there has been a film in production that stars Dave Bald Eagle.

While the Kickstarter campaign for the Dave Bald Eagle movie has been online for almost a year, their Facebook page says they only have 7 days left to reach its goal of $30,000. The end product will be the release of Neither Wolf Nor Dog starring Dave Bald Eagle in his early 90s. The funding still lacked $4,600 on March 15.

According to the Kickstarter website for the Dave Bald Eagle movie, if the full $30,000 is not reached, the Kickstarter will not be funded and all the money will be returned to those that donate. Despite this, the project does have the support of Native American online media. For example, Indian Country Today published donation requests for Dave Bald Eagle's movie. Along with that, the author of Neither Wolf Nor Dog personally posted about the Kickstarter project (and it doesn't look like he's in it for the money).

On the Neither Wolf Nor Dog Facebook page, the movie is described as an adaptation of Kent Nerburn's book. The character played by Dave Bald Eagle is Dan, a Lakota man. Producer Steven Lewis Simpson wrote a summary about Dave Bald Eagle and his character, Dan, saying, "The film is effectively a road movie where a Lakota elder and his closest friend drag a white author through the heart of contemporary Lakota Country taking the him deep out of his comfort zone. It is a moving, profound story."

About the movie, the American Indian College Fund says, "This is one of those rare works that once you've read it, you can never look at the world, or at people, the same way again. It is quiet and forceful and powerful."

Who is Dave Bald Eagle? He is a World War II veteran that was born in 1919 and only spoke Lakota until the age of 12. Dave Bald Eagle's Kickstarter biography continues by telling how he spent years as a race car driver, played semi-pro baseball, lived in Minneapolis, and then eventually went back to the reservation to raise children and horses. Dave Bald Eagle was also a First Chief of the United Indigenous Nations in the 1990s.

So why does Dave Bald Eagle, clearly a legend, still need money for his film? The Kickstarter states that, "We already have one of the worlds top film festivals holding the door open long after their deadline to review the film but it is essential that we deliver the film to the highest technical standard for us to get into these top showcases and thus help secure major distribution. [sic]"

In other words, if you want to Dave Bald Eagle to win a Grammy, his movie will have to start with Sundance or the Cannes Film Festival. Unlike the movies you post on YouTube from your phone, Dave Bald Eagle's movie will need to buy equipment that meets the high standards needed to be shown on a gigantic movie screen.

Dave Bald Eagle's Kickstarter campaign will end on March 21.

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