Argentina Teacher Suspended After 'Sex Tape' With Teen Boy Hits Internet

In Argentina, a teacher was suspended for an alleged tryst with an underage student. A video that was secretly recorded by a 16-year-old male while having sex with Lucita Sandoval was allegedly uploaded to Facebook's WhatsApp Messenger. Apparently, when the sex tape appeared on a porn site, school officials issued the school teacher a suspension pending a full investigation, according to a Daily Mail report. However, another source claims the story about the Argentine teacher suspended over the porn tape scandal is "mostly fake."

The trending news taking over the internet began when a teen boy "got lucky" with a teacher who was already under fire for a number of incidents involving her alleged inappropriate behavior with other students in the past. Sources say Sandoval, 26, an English teacher, was never disciplined about the other unrelated complaints due to a lack of solid evidence. However, when the sex tape cropped up online, it was enough for school officials to suspend the Argentine teacher for this recent incident.

In the sex tape, the teenager is seen in bed smiling and giving a "thumbs-up" sign. The 23-minute video then shows him panning the camera around to show the face of the woman believed to be Sandoval. The couple is having intercourse in the video.

Supposedly, the Argentina school teacher learned the teen was secretly filming her with his cellphone, but he assured her he would delete the erotic video. He did not. Instead, he shared the footage with his pals using WhatsApp. Soon thereafter, the video of Sandoval and the 16-year-old made it on an adult site.

Officials at the teacher's school learned of the tape after a big fuss was made over the NSFW footage. As a consequence, they suspended her soon thereafter.

Gawker followed up on the viral story and did a bit of investigation before concluding that the story is likely not legitimate, but part of some elaborate stunt. Oddly enough, the teacher suspended by Argentina school administrators has a Facebook page that classifies her as a "public figure." As of this writing, the page has over 5,000 "likes."

The news site's sources led it to a savvy reader who revealed the social media profile. Apparently, the woman in the video is not really the Argentina teacher. Furthermore, the "up all night to get lucky" videographer is actually an adult, not a 16-year-old pupil at the school. Finally, an "expert" weighed in.

"There are marks on the skin, beyond the nearly exact similarities between the [Facebook] photographs and the analyzed frames [of the sex tape] that are almost impossible to replicate in position, shape and depth in two similar people."
It's unknown about the fate of the real teacher in Argentina who was "suspended" for an alleged sex tape scandal. Fact or fiction, readers are going bonkers over the story.

[Image via: Gawker]