MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur Discusses Harrowing Details Of Memoir 'Rough Draft' With Trevor Noah

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From MSNBC anchor to New York Times bestselling author, Katy Tur shared more personal details about her latest memoir Rough Draft on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on a recent Tuesday, June 21 interview.

Katy’s Memoir ‘Rough Draft’

In the book, Tur revealed what life was like growing up chasing the news with her “helicopter parents” - helicopter journalists in Los Angeles. As a toddler, Katy would ride in her parents’ helicopter as they reported on police chases, forest fires, Madonna’s wedding, and the infamous O.J. Simpson chase – yes they caught that! Another big reveal was how the news anchor navigated her father's late-in-life gender transition. 

Katy’s Complicated Childhood

Besides her parents pioneering journalism pursuits, Noah was particularly interested in Tur’s childhood. “I don’t think I’ve read an account from a person that is as personal as yours is,” he said. “You talk about being raised by a father who struggled with rage, like real anger towards you. It was an abusive household to be in, you were terrified as a child.”


“And then you have this moment where your dad says, ‘hey now I'm she, call me Hanna’ and it becomes this whole journey and then asks you to throw away the old memories of another person and just live with someone new.”


The now mom-of-two said it was very confusing for her at that moment, admitting her childhood had been a very complicated one.

“I loved my childhood, it was so much fun and there was so much love within my family but it was also incredibly scary at times,” she said. “My dad as you said would fly into rages. There would be holes in the walls of our house that we as little kids would plaster over to cover up. You know I hid in the bathroom one time for hours because I was afraid of what my dad would do, he threw things at my mother.”

'Bob Tur Is Dead'

Katy continued, “And then when he called me … to say, ‘I’m not he, I’m a she, my name is not Bob Tur, Bob Tur is dead’ … literally Bob Tur is dead is what he said … ‘I’m Hanna and we can throw away everything that happened in the past, all of that is gone. That is where the rage came from, the rage will now be gone.” Unfortunately for Katy, she had a hard time accepting that from her father.


The 38-year-old popular ‘Trump Campaign’ correspondent said she did feel empathy towards her father, having lived a lie and holding his true feeling inside for so many years but it was no excuse for the abuse.


“How awful for my dad,” she said. “How horrible to have to live a lie for that long and to not be your true self, and of course that’s gonna make you a wound-up person and it's gonna break you in some ways.”


“But you were also my father, and you were also somebody who has done a lot of bad things to us, and me, my mother, and I can't just throw that away. I don’t have the ability to just forget those memories.”


“I tried to bring that up and it just didn’t go well … my dad didn’t want to confront it and I didn’t want to let it go and so now, now we’re estranged and it sucks.”

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