Emily Ratajkowski Slips Into 'The Softest' Bikini

Close up of Emily Ratajkowski
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Model-turned-businesswoman Emily Ratajkowski showed off her admirable post-baby physique in multiple bikinis for her new Inamorata Woman Collection. She took her time before releasing this set despite teasing it for a month prior. Ratajkowski promised her fans that the 2022 pieces would feature more options and designs, including a new signature pattern, and she delivered on her promise in March when she finally made the Spring Drop.

Get Into The Details

Emily Ratajkowski in plunging dress
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The model wore an Ivory string satin set featuring a string triangle top and high-rise string bottoms with a small triangle material covering her modesty. The dropping ropes on her bikini highlighted her toned physique - taut abs, toned arms, slim waist, and defined glutes - while her messy brown hair exuded sex appeal.

Ratajkowski showed a close-up of the bikini in the second slide showing the gold jewelry on the string tips adding more flare to the outfit.


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Accessorizing Lightly

Inamorata Spring Collection has more ropy bikinis accentuating curves and teasing underboobs. The model wore an onion pink silk set with a ruched triangle top and matching bottoms, tying the string around her rock-hard abs in a criss-cross shape. She accessorized her looked with gold jewelry pieces and wore creamy nude lipstick. Ratajkowski wore her long brown hair in a straight tousled style with a blunt tip.

Something For Every Woman

Inamorata Woman is all about representation, so, Ratajkowski included coveralls in the collection. She modeled one of the designs showing off her toned physique in the sheer, skintight maxi dress at the Grand Cayman Islands. The 30-year-old restyled her brown hair in a wet wave down the center and wore her favorite natural shade makeup to keep the look simple.

The Mosaic Collection contains "Mesh Sets that take you from sunrise to sunset," with the removable overalls and sexy barely-there bikinis underneath. One commenter certified it "Perfect for Coachella."

The Mosaic Design Rules Inamorata 22

She replaced the animal print signature style from last year's Spring-Summer collection with a Mosaic print this season and it features multiple designs that customers can mix and match. From scant-clad string bikinis to coveralls, there's something for every woman just as Ratajkowski intended the brand to be.

Her pert behind and toned glute was on full display in the boomerang shot on the cover as the breeze caressed her brown hair causing it to blow away from her intense stare.