Trump Supporters Call For Bill Maher’s Firing After ‘Roseanne’ Gets Cancelled, Liberals Shrug [Opinion]

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In June of 2017, Bill Maher, the controversial host of Real Time on HBO used the “N-word,” on his nationally televised show. Following significant backlash from both the left and the right, Maher apologetically appeared on his show the following week and was confronted by O’Shea Jackson, better known to the public as rapper Ice Cube. He referred to the incident as Bill Maher getting “a little too familiar.”

Rapper Ice Cube, famous for such albums as Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and The Predator, has never been one to shy away from calling out privileged suburban Americans, the police in general, and those inevitably “wrecked” as a direct result of having failed to “check themselves.” Cube’s confrontational reputation was never called into question as he put Bill Maher on the spot before a live audience. Maher’s apology was ultimately accepted after Cube expressed his view that the incident was “a teachable moment.”

Diplomacy and incredible albums aside, Ice Cube still only speaks for himself. The public at large is not a single entity, but a diverse population of different mindsets and personal views; forgiveness occurs on an individual level and works its way into a general consensus by way of an opinion representing the majority. According to Twitter, the general consensus is that those on the left haven’t really forgiven Maher his “N-word” transgressions over the past 12 months.

As reported at The Inquisitr, Roseanne Barr’s hit sitcom Roseanne was canceled by ABC after a racist tirade on Twitter. Her previous history as a proud Trump supporter made it difficult for most on the left to be surprised by her racist comments. Instead, most liberals were just relieved that ABC finally decided to hold Barr accountable for her bigoted tirades, despite her ability to generate piles of money for the network. Enraged Trump supporters, in true Donald Trump fashion, took to Twitter and asserted 280-character-max declarations of very serious disapproval, shaming the ABC network and liberals in general. In keeping with the continuity of the man currently occupying the office of President, conservatives made sure to blame Democrats and the liberal media for yet another high-profile Trump supporter being held accountable for their own expressions of racism.

After getting her show cancelled for racist tweets, Roseanne probably isn’t smiling anymoreFeatured image credit: Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

But this time Trump’s base isn’t satisfied with monosyllabic expressions of disgruntlement and name-calling, instead, they’re asking for reconciliation. If Roseanne Barr must go, so too must a liberal celebrity—I guess those are the rules. As Bill Maher was allowed to keep his HBO series after his utterance of the “N-word” on national television, Trump’s vocal supporters are now crying foul, calling upon HBO to cancel Real Time. While HBO and ABC are vastly different networks, and ABC did, in fact, cancel Bill Maher’s show years ago after the comedian made an offensive 9/11 joke, the red-hatted proponents of a gigantic border wall aren’t entirely wrong on this subject. Much to the surprise of those mourning the recent Roseanne cancellation, many on the left seem quick to give credit where it’s due, agreeing that Bill Maher probably should go.

User @mike_Zollo, a vehement Trump supporter was retweeted more than 3,000 times after expressing his take on the situation.

But after an outpouring of support for removing Maher from HBO began trending on Twitter, liberals met this profound realization with a collective “yeah, so?” Liberal Twitter users, it would seem, are perfectly fine with ousting Maher. Parker Molloy, a senior staff writer for Upworthy and contributor to outlets such as The New York Times and Rolling Stone, exemplifies the anti-climactic Twitter response to what Trump supporters seemed certain was a check-mate.

As the divide between the left and the right seems ever-widening, Twitter has become a battlefield for an ideological civil war currently being waged in America. On a near-daily basis, Donald Trump jumps in as a virtual General, leading a horde of keyboard activists into battle, one poorly worded tweet at a time. It seems the overwhelming response by the masses, to this unprecedented event, is to grab the popcorn.