Trading The ‘Deep State’ For The ‘Trump State’ [Opinion]

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What do globalists, eugenicists, the New World Order, and the “deep state” have in common? These are some of the shadowy cabals that want to crush freedom, upend democracy, and enslave humanity, according to the pushers of these various conspiracies.

Sometimes referred to separately and often used interchangeably, these ideas once represented the ethos of those operating on the fringe of reality. For them, America is just one FEMA camp away from total subjugation.

For years, those who subscribe to these beliefs have warned, dreaded, and even prepared for the day when our government would come to relieve us from the burden of freedom. However, for years, these dire predictions have failed to come to pass.

And now, what was once viewed as fanatical far-right fantasy is gaining mainstream traction in the form of the nefarious “deep state,” thanks to the advent of the Trump administration.

The Trump presidency has officially opened the door to the supposition that the deep state actually exists. According to the president and several of his supporters, there is a conspiracy to discredit him, led by elements of the FBI, Department of Justice, the intelligence community, the media, and various others; hence, the deep state.

Revelations of texts between disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page about a “secret society” have bolstered claims of bias against Trump among some GOP members and other conservatives.

To adequately understand what is happening, let us take a moment to consider what the deep state is supposed to be.

The notion of the deep state originated with a theory that a shadow government exists, operated by powerful people who are so thoroughly entrenched within the governmental bureaucracy that they operate with impunity.

According to these theorists, the deep state is responsible for horrible crimes, like the September 11 attacks and other acts variously dubbed “false flags.” The ultimate goal of the deep state, say these theorists, is the destruction of the United States.

While this is a very intriguing proposition, there are a few things wrong with this. For example, those who would be in the position to significantly influence such an ongoing policy are presidential appointees like those Trump has appointed to lead the FBI, DOJ and even the CIA.

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Conversely, this glaring detail has not dissuaded Trump and his most loyal surrogates, like Devin Nunes, from leveling allegations that the Democrats, the media, some of his own agency picks, along with Robert Mueller and his investigators, are all part of a vast conspiracy to undermine his presidency.

Paranoia aside, there is no doubt that conspiracies actually exist, but to buy into what Trump is trying to sell is somewhat absurd on its face and totally ridiculous when exposed to the glaring light of facts.

According to Trump, one of his goals was to “drain the swamp.” With this in mind, Trump replaced the leadership of most of the major government entities with people of his own choosing.

Almost immediately, Trump sacked FBI director James Comey, which subsequently led to the recusal of his DOJ pick Jeff Sessions over his contact with Russians during Trump’s campaign.

With Sessions sidelined, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, another Trump pick, stepped in and assumed the mantle. Additionally, Trump’s selection for the FBI, Christopher Wray, is currently in charge of that agency. As an added bonus, Trump appointee, Mike Pompeo, is also chief of the CIA.

But despite a majority Republican Congress and his own people at the helms of the major alphabet agencies, Trump has nevertheless managed to invoke a conspiracy as the culprit for all of his troubles.

Based on this, it appears that the only ones who are not part of the deep state are those who agree with everything Trump says. Consequently, in the era of Trump, those who push back against his policies are branded not an enemy of the state, but part of the deep state, which is apparently one and the same to him.

Ironically, Trump’s solution to this perceived affront appears to be taking control of agencies that have been relatively autonomous for decades. It is a dangerous thing in government for a single individual to control the organizations that enforce the law. It is even more perilous for that same individual to have control over the body that establishes the law; these are the things that foreshadow dictatorship.

When there are brazen attacks against the free press, labeling it fake news, while simultaneously being directed to a single news source, how long will it be before we find ourselves being given our opinions?

Judging from what we have seen thus far, we may be far better off as denizens of the “deep state” than vassals of the Trump state.