Luann de Lesseps Arrested: ‘RHONY’ Star’s Jail Time Should End Her ‘Real Housewives’ Career [Opinion]

Peter KramerAP Photo

Luann de Lesseps shocked everyone when she shared an apology on Twitter this Christmas. For those who were wrapping presents and preparing Christmas dinner, the apology probably didn’t make sense. But a quick search would reveal that Luann had been arrested in Florida after lashing out at an officer. As it turns out, de Lesseps had gone back to Florida where she had gotten married to Thomas D’Agostino just one year prior. The emotions were too much for her, and she lashed out. She was arrested and placed in police custody. As it turns out, Luann faces a possible decade behind bars if she’s convicted of all charges.

The Daily Mail reports that she faces several charges, and combined, she faces up to 10 years in prison. Surely, this isn’t something she wants. She admits that she lost control because the emotions came back after staying in Florida for a few days. While fans may accept this apology, it sounds like a judge may not be so understanding. The reality is that she shouldn’t get special treatment because she’s a reality star. Just like Teresa Giudice and Kim Richards, she should face the consequences of her actions. A judge may feel that she should face a prison sentence because fame shouldn’t be the reason why she doesn’t get a penalty. A slap on the wrist may not be enough.

If Luann de Lesseps is found guilty of the charges, she should face time in prison. In addition, her prison time should end her reality career. Bravo decided to wait for Teresa Giudice and put The Real Housewives of New Jersey on hold for a year. This would surely not happen in New York, as 10 years is a long time for such a successful franchise to be on hold. Plus, Luann may be an original, but she doesn’t make the show. She’s not one of the primary housewives. Over the past few seasons, she has used her relationship and marriage to Thomas D’Agostino as a storyline, and his rumored cheating made it worth watching. However, now that she’s divorced, some fans are wondering if this could be her new storyline.

Luann de Lesseps may be back for The Real Housewives of New York this season, as Bravo may film her these days. But Luann may not be interested in sharing her personal issues on the small screen.