American Rabbi Kirt Schneider Preaches The Gospel of Jesus Christ In Israel [Opinion]

American Rabbi Kirt Schneider, host of Discovering the Jewish Jesus describes preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel in the video below. This Messianic Rabbi says Jews in Israel were quite receptive to his message. Rabbi Schneider said he was surprised to find more acceptance of the gospel in Israel than among the American Jewish community.

Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is an unusual activity for a Jewish Rabbi, but Kirt Schneider has accepted Christ and feels compelled to share the gospel as well as his more traditional Jewish teachings.

Rabbi Kirt Schneider enjoys sharing Jesus Christ as well as his own unique testimony with Christians and Jews alike. According to Fast Forward, Rabbi Schneider says he is both a Messianic Rabbi and a “Jewish Believer in Jesus.”

For decades, and perhaps a lot longer, Christians have enjoyed exploring the Jewish roots of Jesus, and what that means for their Christian faith. Just understanding the meaning of the word Christ, requires some knowledge of Jewish beliefs.

Jesus Christ was born Jewish, and studied the ancient Hebrew texts with the rabbis of his era, as explained in the Biblical gospels. At least some understanding of ancient Jewish culture is necessary in order to fully comprehend the biblical gospel. For this reason, Christians are interested in what Rabbi Kirt Schneider is saying.

In the video below, Rabbi Schneider is speaking on the Feast of Trumpets holy day, but relates his previous experience of teaching in Israel. Rabbi Kirt Schneider teaches Jewish traditions as well as the gospel.

Rabbi Kirt Schneider is an evangelist who preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, including Israel, and is getting an avid response, all over the world.

The gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached throughout every nation, and language before the return of Christ according to Christian scripture. Christian scripture is also often interpreted to say the Jewish temple must be rebuilt in Israel before Christ’s return.

Though it would seem the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian message has been taught worldwide, perhaps there is still some remote corner that remains un-evangelized or some place where the message was not understood. Rabbi Kirt Schneider is fulfilling his own call to teach a detailed message that’s both Jewish and Christian.

Old City of Jerusalem
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Rabbi Kirt Schneider is not alone. Jews for Jesus is also a huge organization of Jews who have accepted Jesus Christ, but still consider themselves Jews. There is no biblical reason the Jewish and Christian faiths should be mutually exclusive since they are so closely related.


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Rabbi Kirt Schneider who is both a Jewish Rabbi and a Christian evangelist is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many nations, including Israel.

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