Norman Reedus Posted An Awesome Motorcycle Helmet With Daryl Dixon Of ‘TWD’ Painted On The Side [Opinion]

Norman Reedus is always proud of Daryl Dixon fan art. That may be why he’s posted a photo of the impressive work of art shown below on his Instagram and linked it on his Twitter page.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon has become an iconic sort of post-apocalyptic folk hero since The Walking Dead first aired. The actor has turned what was originally a small role on TWD into an iconic character. Daryl has inspired a lot of artwork as well as admiration.

Norman Reedus is beloved by so many fans, and watching him as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead is simply awe inspiring. Daryl Dixon seems to be a post-apocalyptic revamping of Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and other American folk heroes.

In addition, Norman Reedus fits the old quote about James Bond, perhaps as well or better than it fit James Bond, or rather Daryl Dixon is a new form of what James Bond was back then. The quote dates back to 1959 and is generally attributed to Raymond Chandler. James Bond Memes has the quote.

“Every man wants to be James Bond and every woman wants to be with him.”

Now, though, doesn’t every man want to be like Daryl Dixon? Doesn’t every woman dream of meeting Norman Reedus on one of his solitary rides?

Sometimes the iconic The Walking Dead actor just shows up at a convenience store or McDonald’s out of the blue, which almost gives the impression of omnipresence. Daryl Dixon could appear anywhere at any time.

The Ride With Norman Reedus is also reminiscent of a few iconic images. Reedus as an American biker is bringing back that old James Dean image, as well as more recent images of bikers, like Sons of Anarchy. The actor’s iconic biker appearance on both shows is putting forth the biker culture for another generation.

While Daryl Dixon is a favorite of survivalists, zombie lore buffs, and of course the ladies, Norman Reedus not only enjoys Daryl Dixon fans, he’s also got the admiration of bikers and people who love motorcycles.

Norman Reedus has been gifted with motorcycle helmets before, but this one is especially beautiful. It’s really amazingly lifelike artwork. The painting of Daryl Dixon is awesome. No wonder this iconic actor is showing appreciation by posting it on Instagram.


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Norman Reedus might keep receiving helmets for another reason, though. It seems that someone at MTV is worried about the legendary Daryl Dixon riding without a helmet for the cameras.

“Because just like Daryl Dixon, Norman doesn’t always seem to wear a helmet when he’s cruising around on his bike, which means we’re feeling very finger-waggy and concerned for our pal’s safety right now.”

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon fires weapon on The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon fires weapon on The Walking Dead [Image by Gene Page/AMC]

Sometimes on The Walking Dead as Daryl Dixon, but also on The Ride With Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead icon leaves his helmet off so he can be seen on camera, according to MTV.

“The thing is, we happen to like Norman and think he’s about as cool as they come, so we want to see him doing his thing for a long, long time.”

Norman Reedus just seems so tough as Daryl Dixon that the whole notion he might have gotten hurt may have escaped his fandom altogether. It’s kind of hard to imagine Reedus is actually a mortal. Yet, it has been reported that the handsome hunk of an actor has a titanium orbital bone already from a past accident.

Norman Reedus both as Daryl Dixon on TWD and as himself is an icon, a folk hero, and a legend, but perhaps the MTV journalist is correct. He should wear a helmet.

Norman Reedus on The Ride With Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus on The Ride With Norman Reedus [Image by Mark Schafer/AMC]


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Should Norman Reedus always wear a helmet, as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, as himself, and on The Ride With Norman Reedus?

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]