White Baby Challenge: Alt-Right Mormon Mommy Blogger Issues Racist Challenge To End ‘Black Ghetto Culture’ [Opinion]

There’s a new poster girl for the alt-right movement ever since the ousting of Tomi Lahren. Her name is Ayla, and she is a self-proclaimed former social justice warrior-turned-anti-feminist, Mormon mommy blogger on a mission to “preserve white culture.” As a part of her preservation methods, Ayla has issued a white baby challenge to her fellow alt-right comrades, and despite her claims that she’s not racist, as the Hollywood Gossip reported, the white baby challenge is every bit as racist and disturbing as it sounds.

In case you may not have already guessed it, Ayla’s white baby challenge is her call for those who also follow the alt-right movement to have more white babies. She is already on baby number six, and the way things are looking, she’s not done yet. Why issue a white baby challenge and urge like-minded folks to procreate? That’s because Ayla wants to continue in her efforts to take back areas that were formerly predominantly white and end what she calls “black ghetto culture.”

Ayla says in her Nordic Sunrise blog that she’s not a racist, though. Instead, she claims to be championing for the preservation of white culture just as others have championed for the preservation of their own cultures. It can be argued that the point is moot considering some of the incredibly negative things she has to say about black culture, though, including her comments about it being “ghetto.” She also has said many negative things about black icons such as Beyonce as she ignores the fact that the Americas were literally taken from the natives who lived here first, with claims that “every homeland is a gathering place for its own people.”

Even the Salt Lake City Tribune ran a piece about Ayla’s shocking alt-right blog and her calls to create more white babies in order to racially dominate the United States. They reported that Ayla is getting it all wrong with her pro-white postings, saying that the Mormon church embraces racial diversity, whereas her recent white baby challenge and many of her Wordpress blog ramblings contain several derogatory references to those of other races while maintaining claims that she’s not actually racist.

After many Mormon followers took aim at Ayla’s blog and wanted to distance themselves from her alt-right, pro-white leanings, she went on the attack and said that they might also be a problem. She claims that Mormons are attacking and insulting her because they don’t agree with her to the point where she has even received death threats from members of the LDS community.

In response, Ayla wrote, “I don’t have to hate my skin color, my culture or my people, and want them erased in order to prove I don’t hate other skin colors, cultures and people. I don’t hate them. Point blank. That’s the truth and no amount of people creating false arguments against me online about how I’m a racist will change the truth God knows.”

Ayla and many of her supporters have made the claim that their pro-white propaganda is not white supremacy and that they are just doing what other cultures are trying to do, which is preserve their own race and culture. However, the issue many people have is that the white race and culture have never been endangered. In the U.S., where Ayla claims that her supporters need to multiply, white is still the majority, and the cultures they are celebrating within the borders of the U.S. are mostly European: English, Irish, German, Dutch, etc. It’s pretty clear in her writings that Ayla believes those who want to celebrate their own culture should do so in the country where it originated. So maybe she should take that to heart.

The actual white baby challenge post is now more than a month old but is still getting attention, both from those who support Ayla’s efforts and those who can’t believe that people support this. After all, once she and the rest of her alt-right buddies propagate to the point where they don’t believe their culture is still in jeopardy, what are their plans? In another post, Ayla writes the following.

“I wrote a blog in which I accurately pointed out rap’s destructive force on white, western culture (yes, if you live in America, no matter what color you are, especially if you’re in Utah, you live in a culture built by white, western, Europeans, sorry if you don’t like that fact but it’s true). Rap is also destructive, maybe more so, on black culture but that’s a post for another time.”

Ayla claims in many different blog posts not to be racist. However, she also champions for the white race to dominate and to take over. Rather than respect the multitude of other cultures that live in the U.S., she ignores the fact that none are indigenous. Instead, she calls for other alt-right supporters to have a lot of children, to match or beat her brood of six with the intent of “taking back” this country because, as she puts it in the tagline for her blog, she is “in search of the Christian culture that made our countries great.”

[Featured Image by Wife With A Purpose/Twitter]